RCA RCT6378W2 Tablet Troubleshooting

Released Spring 2015

No matter what you do, you can't get your tablet to turn on.

If no audible "click" is heard when pressing the power button to power up the tablet, the button may be broken and will need to be replaced.See the following guide for replacement steps.

If the tablet will only power up when it is plugged into the charger, regardless of charging time, there may be a faulty battery. See the following guide to replace your battery.

If the power adapter is plugged in, but the device does not indicate any increase in charge and does not register the device being plugged in, the power adapter is faulty. Purchase a new replacement adapter (charger) to continue using the device.

Tablet won't respond to user's touch

If the screen is unresponsive, reboot the tablet. If the tablet then registers touch commands, it was a software error and should continue to function.

If after restarting the tablet, it still does not register any touch commands, the touch screen will need to be replaced. See the following guide for replacement steps.

Can't change the volume

Clean the button with rubbing alcohol. This should help to remove any obstructions and sticky material from the button. Also try using a pin or toothpick to scrape away any residue that has collected around the button.

If you are having trouble pressing the button there may be something below the button obstructing the movement. Remove the button and clean any debris or residue that exists below the button with a cotton swab. See the following guide.

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