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Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Troubleshooting

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Model number S7262. Released 2013 October

Device Won't Turn On ¶ 

When the power button is being pressed to turn on the device nothing happens

Battery is Dead ¶ 

If the device does not turn on the user should charge or replace the battery in the phone if needed to give plentiful power to turn on phone. If replacement of battery is need refer to Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Battery Replacement

The Power Button is Stuck ¶ 

The power button might be stuck due to residue under/around the button. By cleaning around the button you can unclog the mechanics of the button so it can be pressed properly to turn on the device.

The Screen is Frozen, Unresponsive, or Broken ¶ 

When I touch the screen and swipe nothing happens. My screen is not responding to my finger. (OR) I have cracked and broken screen.

If screen is damaged and non fuctional a repair is needed. Refer to Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Screen Replacement for more help. If screen is functional but frozen remove battery and wait 10 seconds then put battery back into phone and restart.

Device is Running Slow ¶ 

Restart phone or remove battery to completely shut down phone to possibly fix issue. Hold home button and power button at the same time to hard reset phone. If screen does not improve you need to replace the screen.

Audio Issues ¶ 

You are having trouble getting your headphones to work on your phone.

Speaker distortion ¶ 

Play audio from your phone speakers, and then test it through headphones. If audio works from headphones and not from phone speakers, the speaker may be faulty. If speaker is not displaying clear sound try restarting phone to reset phone. If no result please refer to Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Speaker Replacement

Running slow and error when saving pictures ¶ 

Phone is unresponsive and displays error message when trying to save pictures.

There may be too many applications running ¶ 

Close every unnecessary applications and see if it helps. Check if the phone is installing any background updates, if so let them finish, if all fails try restarting your phone.

The phone won't let me save pictures ¶ 

The device may be out of storage space. Try going to settings and deleting any files and applications that you no longer need, also clear the cached data. For memory repairs refer to Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Memory card Replacement

Device not being recognized by computer ¶ 

When phone is connected to a computer via USB cable nothing happens

Drivers are not installed ¶ 

If the device is not recognized by the computer, try reinstalling the drivers for the device. Drivers can be found on manufacturers website. Go to Samsung Firmware

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