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Samsung NX500 Troubleshooting

Samsung NX500 4K video camera. Hybrid AF.

Doesn't turn on

When you hit the power button, nothing happens.

Battery may bot be charged

Take the USB cable and plug it into the camera on the left side. Plug the other end into the wall outlet (or other charging source). You should spot a red light indicating charging. If the there is a red blinking light, there is a charging error.

Battery connections may be dirty or rusty

If you camera isn't charging, you will need to take the battery out and check the connection. To do this, look to the bottom of the camera and and slide the lock to the left exposing the battery. Slide the blue lock down and the battery will 'pop' out. Remove the battery and inspect. After brushing off the battery, it has to be reinsert with the logo facing down. Push it all the way down and it locks in place.

Battery may be out of juice

By this, it just means the battery is dead and needs full replacement. Remove the battery and insert the the new battery. Before you attempt to turn it on, plug the charger into the camera and into the wall. Wait an hour and turn the camera on.

Pictures/videos won't save

When you take a picture, it won't save.

There may not be an SD card inserted

The NX500 requires an SD card as storage for picture and videos. Check and see if there is an SD card by locating the bottom of the camera and sliding the lock to the left. There is a slot above the slot, insert the SD card according to the minuscule image next to SD.

SD card may be full

The screen may say storage full; so the camera requieres you to either insert a different SD card or delete existing photos/videos on your SD card. A good tip is to delete any repetitive pictures or videos.

SD card may be damaged

Putting strenuous use on the camera such as using the camera for long periods of time or leaving the camera in excessive heat. This can easily cause warping of the SD card, and eventually destroy it. If the SD card seems warped, discard it and purchase a new one.

Unclear pictures or screen is black

When you take a picture, it isn't clear or focused or is completely black

Error 00

This is due to improper lens installation. Simply disconnect the lens and remount.

Pictures are smudgy/foggy

Here you can just simply use a computer screen wipe and wipe the screen clearing it of any moisture or dust. Using a soft brush dust off any debris or dirt from the lens.

Pictures aren't focused

Focusing on an NX500 manually can be difficult. You may have set it to a setting where manual focus is required. Simply use the knob on the camera and switch it to auto focus setting. This should help.

Screen black when you turn on

If you turn on the camera and the screen is black hit the playback button to view pictures. If pictures are up, then change the shooting mode to Smart Auto by pressing the mode button and press OK.

Screen black and can't view pictures on playback

Try restarting your camera and if this doesn't work try taking off the lens and remounting it.

Not recording sound

You may record a video but there is no sound

SD card may be damaged

Try powering off the camera and remove the SD card. Turn the camera back on (no memory device inserted) and record speaking directly into the mic recording on the internal memory. If there's sound when played on a pc, this means the SD card is damaged and need replacement.

No sound when in zoom mode

If the audio cuts out when you zoom during the video, instead try zooming first then record.

Battery drains quickly

You power it on and it dies in a short amount of time

Removing charging too quick

You may be removing the camera too early from charging. Leave the camera charged until 100%, then remove

Zoom overkill

Frequent use of the zoom feature can cause a quick battery drain and inevitable wear and tear.

Bad shooting environments

Avoid using the camera in too cold/hot areas as this will cause malfunction.

Mine won't turn off, I have to remove the battery to turn it off. Power switch doesn't do anything anymore.

Aaron Goodrum - Antwort

My screen won’t flip back down. It’s stuck flipping upwards.

Ashley Joachim - Antwort

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