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Sony Clie PEG-T615C Troubleshooting


1. Sony Clie does not charge properly

2. Handheld is not making any sound

3. The dial navigator does not work

4. The beam ion does not work

Possible causes


-The battery might be bad

-The charger might be malfunctioning

-Bad connection between charger and battery


-The speaker might not be on

-could have a broken speaker

-Volume might be turned down all the way

-Bad connection between speaker and motherboard

-Low battery


-The dial is broke

-Bad connection to the dial

-Could be deactivated


-The beam ion might be burnt out

-It might be turned off

-Bad connection to the beam ion and the motherboard



-Clean the charger slot out

-Buy a new battery

-Buy a new charger


-Turn the speaker on

-Turn the volume up

-Check the battery

-Check the connection to the speaker

-Buy a new speaker and change it out


-Check the connection to the dial navigator

-Check to see if the dial navigator is activated in the settings

-Change out the dial if it is broken


-Check the beam ion to see if it is turned on

-The beam ion may be turned off

-Change the beam ion bulb if it is burnt out

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