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The Headset Either Doesn't Fit or It Hurts to Wear ¶ 

When you have the headset on, the headset either does not fit right or it pinches your ears.

Headset Needs Adjustment ¶ 

Before taking anything apart, make sure you have properly adjusted your headset. You can check by putting on the headset and seeing if the ear pieces comfortably cover both your ears. If one or both earpieces are too short, simply hold the leather head pad and lightly pull on one of the headphones. This should not take much force and extend the headphones. If the headset is too big, simply push on the earpieces instead. Adjust until comfortable.

Cracked Ear Pads ¶ 

If you feel a pinching coming from the ear pads of the headset, especially if you have owned the headset for a few years now, your ear pads may be cracked. Check by gently rubbing your finger over the pads feeling for cracks or rips in the material. If so, replace the ear pads using the Ear Pad Replacement Guide.

Windscreen on the Microphone Is Either Dirty or Ripped ¶ 

The windscreen, the fuzzy thing on the end of the microphone, is either dirty or ripped and needs to be taken off.

Gross Windscreen ¶ 

If you get food, drink, or other unsavory gunk on the windscreen, you can remove it using the Windscreen Replacement guide. To wash, soak the windscreen in warm, soapy water and let thoroughly dry before putting it back on the microphone.

Ripped Windscreen ¶ 

Accidents happen and cats tend to like to use these as toys, so if the windscreen gets ripped because it catches on something, or it just gets old an worn out, then replace the part using the Windscreen Replacement guide.

The Microphone Isn't Working ¶ 

When you are talking during play and other members of your party cannot hear you.

The Mute Is Activated ¶ 

The problem may not be the headphones, make sure that the mute button on your console or PC is not on. If you are on a console, access the menu by pressing the start button on your controller and go to the options tab. If you ar on a PC, go to the volume controls to see if the computer has muted the microphone function, and check the game menu as well under the options tab.

An Audio Jack Malfunction ¶ 

There is the possibility that your controller or PC's audio jack is broken. The easiest way to check is to try another computer: plug the headset in and open the volume controls tab on the bottom right of your screen. See if you are getting feedback when you speak into the microphone. If the headset works, then the audio jack on your device might be broken; if not, you may need to replace the microphone.

The Earpiece Will Not Adjust/Is Difficult to Adjust ¶ 

When you try to adjust the headset, the slides do not extend.

The Earpiece Adjustment Is Sticky ¶ 

If you have trouble adjusting the headset, and you feel it takes more force than it should to adjust, then it may just have a bit of gunk I the adjustment mechanism. Apply a small amount of lubricant, such as WD-40, between the plastic piece between the slide adjustment cover and the extension, (extension attaching the earphone and the plastic piece holding the pad that cushions the top of your head). If the slides on the headset still doesn't budge, you may need to replace the slide adjustments using the Slide Adjustment Replacement guide.

The Earpiece Will Not Stay In Place ¶ 

When trying to adjust earpieces, the earpiece slides constantly fall to their longest length.

Broken Slide Adjustments ¶ 

If the slide adjustments fail to stay in place, constantly falling down without having the strength to stay up, you may need to replace the slide adjustments. This can happen after using the headset for several years, wearing out the Slide Adjustment pieces. To replace the slide adjustments, see Slide Adjustment Replacement guide.

The Audio Cord Is Not Working ¶ 

The audio cord is not working, staying in the jack, or will not go into the jack.

The Audio Cord Is Not Fully Plugged In ¶ 

Check to see if the cord is plugged all the way into the audio jack in the earpiece, as well as the controller or PC audio port depending on what system you are playing on. Apply light pressure to push the cord into the audio jack until you hear a click. Applying too much pressure could damage the cord and the jack.

The Audio Cord Is Damaged ¶ 

Make sure that the cord is not twisted or knotted up, as this could prevent the cord from working. Fraying or damage to the cord can mean the cord will no longer work and needs to be replaced.

Static Is Coming From The Headset ¶ 

When in use, there is excessive static coming from the speakers in the headset.

An Audio Jack Issue ¶ 

Don't take apart your headset yet, the problem may be the audio jack on your controller or PC. The easiest way to test is to plug headset into a different computer and use the headset on a different program. If the static goes away, the connection or the audio function on the controller itself is faulty. If static persists, you may need to replace your speaker cone, see below.

The Speaker Cone Is Damaged ¶ 

If the static persists you may have a damaged speaker cone or there is a loose connection in the speaker wires. Over time, playing excessively loud music could slowly cause damage to the speaker cone. Replace the speaker cone using Speaker Cone Replacement.

No Sound is Coming Out of One or Both of the Earpieces ¶ 

When playing the game, there is no sound coming out of the earpieces.

Volume Control ¶ 

Before assuming that the headset is broken, check to see if the volume is set too low or is even muted. If you are using an Xbox, controller adapter has a volume control the device itself. You can access the game volume on most console games by pressing start and going to the options tab. PC users access their volume on the bottom right of the screen, clicking on the small megaphone.

The Audio Cord Is Not Fully Plugged In ¶ 

Check to see if the cord is plugged all the way into the audio jack. Lightly push the cord into the jack until you hear a slight click. If you apply too much pressure, you could damage the cord and jack.

An Audio Jack Malfunction ¶ 

The problem may not be the headset, plug headset into a different computer and try the headset on a different program. If the headset works, the audio function on the controller or PC itself is faulty.

An Audio Cord Malfunction ¶ 

Check to see if the cord is in working condition and see "The Audio Cord Is Not Working".

The Speaker Cone Is Damaged ¶ 

If you have eliminated all the other possibilities of why the speakers are not working, you may have to replace the speaker cones. Over time with loud music, spills and dropping your headset repeatably, you could have caused damage to the Speaker cones or the speaker cone wires. To replace the speaker cones, use the Speaker Cone Replacement guide.

so what do you suggest when a headset is connected to charge and then refuses to work once the controller switches back on? i have to wait up to ten hours before i can use my headset again, unless i use the stereo jack which is built in to the new controllers? BTW a power cycle doesn't fix the issue

danjordan - Antwort

My headset works when I use it on everything BUT my Xbox one console. Every controller does that. Any ideas?

Nick Giannini - Antwort

On PC Windows 10 with an all up-to-date Elite Xbox One Controller, sound is great at first but then stops completely after about 15 gameplay. It comes back again if the controller usb stick is unplugged and re-plugged. This is a bummer! How to fix?

Chris M Balz - Antwort

My brother used my Xbox one once and plugged in a Samsung charger, even though it hardly fits. When I took the controller back and unplugged the Samsung charger I couldn't hear anything. I could hear the beeping noise when I turn the volume up full. When I plug in the Samsung charger it works. But the Samsung charger keeps disconnecting and it's really annoying. I have no idea what to do

Dan harper - Antwort

I have sound when first plugged in then sound fades in right ear piece.

Replicatemat - Antwort

I loose sound in right ear piece slowly

Replicatemat - Antwort

Dropped the controller while the headset was plugged in. Nothing broke but the headset will not produce sound while useing the Xbox. It will make sound when plugged into my phone but not through the Xbox.

Mahalo - Antwort

at the pc, i can’t hear behind

Roberto Pappalardo - Antwort

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