Viewsonic gTablet UPC300-2.2 Troubleshooting

Basic troubleshooting information for common issues experienced with this Android tablet.

When you attempt to power the device on, nothing happens.

The first thing to check is if the Gtablet will power on while connected to a charger. If your device will turn on while charging, but not when disconnected, it is likely that the battery's useful life is over and it will need to be replaced. If it still won't turn on even when connected to a power source, read on.

If you plug a charger into the gTablet, and the charging light does not light up, then it is likely that the charging port is compromised, and will need to be replaced.

What to do if your gTablet has a damaged screen, and how to tell what part(s) will need to be replaced.

If the screen is cracked or broken, likely from a drop, either the surface glass or the LCD underneath, it will need to be replaced. If the surface appears cracked even when the screen is off, then it is the glass on top. If it only looks broken when the screen is on (white sections with straight colored lines through them, for example) then it is likely the LCD screen below the glass. Broken glass will sometimes happen by itself, but LCD damage almost always happens alongside glass damage. If the glass is broken, you may choose to replace just the glass (very difficult) or you may purchase the whole assembly - including both the LCD and the glass, as well as the touch screen components - which is much easier and looks like a better job when completed.

What to do when no sound is being played from the headphone jack on your gTablet.

If the audio works sometimes, but cuts out now and again, or if it will not play anything at all, it is likely a damaged or broken headphone jack, which will need to be replaced.

can not enable the video mode. the only thing it shows are the three birds. i tried the on off volume button thing but it is not happening.

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