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Wintec FileMate Clear 7” Troubleshooting

Common problems and solutions to those problems.

The tablet shows no sign of powering up or turning on.

Most likely, the charging pin is broken or worn out and is preventing the battery from charging. To check for this, first plug in the charger and check that the charger’s light is on. If the light is not on, then the charging pin is, indeed, broken and will need to be replaced. See our replacement guide for the charging pin.

The problem could be that the battery cannot hold a charge. This is a common issue with batteries after a long period of use. To check for this, first plug in the charger and attempt to turn on the tablet. If the tablet turns on, then the battery is faulty. See our battery replacement guide.

Your tablet appears to turn on, but will not reach an operational level.

If the device does boot, the motherboard could be the issue. To check for this, examine the screen when the device turns on. If the screen appears to be on, but no message or image appears on the screen, then the most likely cause is a broken motherboard. See our replacement guide for this motherboard.

If the device displays an error message when attempting to boot, the hard drive may be nonfunctional. Scan the error message for messages indicating memory problems. If there are memory problems, then most likely there is a problem with the hard drive.

The device often shuts down unexpectedly and its back feels hot to the touch.

The most likely cause for an overheating device is poor ventilation. This is caused when ventilation holes and areas are clogged or blocked. There are two such holes on the tablet: on the bottom left of the back plate and on the top right of the back plate. To fix this, simply remove any case or cover on the tablet in order to allow proper ventilation. Additionally, you should blow compressed air into each vent in order to clear any blockages.

If the device is overheating, the battery could be bad. To check for this, use the device like usual. If the battery appears to run out very quickly, then the battery could be faulty. Additionally, if the device feels warm or hot to the touch in the bottom right-hand area of the back plate then that also indicates a faulty battery. See our battery replacement guide.

If the device runs slowly then overheats, the hard drive could be malfunctioning. Does the device run slowly before it shuts down? Does the device boot slowly or take a long time to open applications? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then the hard drive could be malfunctioning. See our hard drive replacement guide.

The tablet’s screen does not respond at all, or you have to press very hard on the screen for it to respond.

If the front screen has cracks or appears damaged in any way, then it will most likely not work properly. To be sure that this is the cause of the problem, check to see if the screen is far less responsive on or around the damaged area. If this is the case, then the front screen certainly will need replacement. Check our front screen replacement guide.

The front screen is could be faulty or malfunctioning. First remove anything covering the screen such as screen protectors, covers or sleeves. Also remove any gloves or coverings from your fingers. Now attempt to use the device like normal. If the problem persists, then the front screen is faulty. See our replacement guide for the front screen.

Certain or all apps crash, freeze or otherwise become unusable.

If only certain applications cause problems, then the problem most likely stems from applications that are out of date or an operating system that is out of date. Ultimately, the applications and the operating system do not agree with each other. Simply update all applications on the device and update the device’s operating system. To do update all apps, simply check the app store for updates by searching for the application, selecting it, and pressing update. Do this for each application. To update the operating system, go to settings, then system, then press “system update”.

The problem could be that corrupted data exists on the hard drive. The only solution to this is to perform a factory reset of the device. To perform a factory reset, go to settings, then press “backup and reset”, then press “factory reset data”, then press “reset tablet”.

Will not charge or turn on

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Where can I take this to get a new battery installed? I don't have the tools to do it.

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