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You have tried to turn on your phone and nothing is happening

Plug your phone into the wall charger or through a USB 2.0 port in your computer.

Remove the back panel of the ZTE Blade, and make sure that the battery in firmly pressed in place as well as flipped the correct way so that the metal prongs are aligned.

Check the white strip with small red x's on the top of the battery. If the x's are blown out and red the phone has water damage. As a last ditch effort you can submerge your phone in uncooked rice for several hours in hopes that it will absorb the water.

If the operating system on your phone has been corrupted, a factory reset can usually solve this problem. Restoring the phone to factory settings will re-install and reload the operating system the following steps can be followed to successfully reset your phone.

1.Press and Hold Home + Volume UP + Power

2. You will see the recovery options

3. Select wipe data / factory reset and select yes

4. Now reboot device

The battery of the phone is not charging despite being plugged in

Try plugging your charger into a different outlet, or flipping the switch to turn the outlet on.

Make sure there are no exposed wires along the charging cord or any other physical damage. Safely clean out the debris the try plugging it in again, if the charger still does not work you will have to replace it.

If your battery will not hold charge after any period of charging you will have to replace it. See ZTE Blade E Battery Replacement Guide

The phone is on yet no sound is being emitted through the speaker or headphones

Make sure the volume is turned up by pushing up on the volume button located on the left side of the phone. See ZTE Blade E Volume Button Replacement Guide

Make sure the app you're using has sound, if it does you can go into the settings in the app and turn the volume of that specific app up or down.

If you are using headphones make sure that the headphones themselves are not broken, if they are not the problem make sure the headphones are properly plugged into the jack.

Clear the actual headphone jack of all debris and dirt that could be disrupting the connection between the phone and headphones.

Your phones touchscreen has frozen and/or is not responding to your commands

Check to make sure your screen isn't excessively dirty. If it is, clean it with a microfiber cloth.

If your touchscreen is severely broken, it may need to be replaced. See the ZTE Blade E Front Panel Replacement Guide for this phone.

If you are wearing gloves you could be interfering the the touchscreen sensors.

You may need to reset your phone. Hold down the power button and click reset. If you are unable to do this, take the battery out, and then reinsert it and turn the phone back on.

If you're phone is operating very slowly, follow these steps to increase performance

Close out all programs and apps running in the background. If too many are open it may slow performance over time.

Perform a general restart of your phone by holding down the power button and selecting the restart option.

If your phone's memory is full it could be problematic. Delete unnecessary files and apps until there is open space. See ZTE Blade E Memory Card Replacement.

Hardware issues might be inhibiting your phones performance. Reference the ZTE Motherboard Replacement Guide.

Open the internet app. Select the button in the lower right corner and then select settings. Select privacy and security, then clear the cache, all cookie data, and your browsing history.

You may need to restore your phone to its default settings.

1.Press and Hold Home + Volume UP + Power

2. You will see the recovery options

3. Select wipe data / factory reset and select yes

4. Now reboot device

loss my privacy password

Zull Zull - Antwort

Hello,I have concern with my ZTE phone,I can call everyone but everone can't me just hear voice message only.please help and I really stress

Zafran - Antwort

unfortunately message has stop how can i fix it my zte a462

Jonnysan Valera - Antwort

Hi I'm having so many issues with my brand new "Skinny Ignite A462 mobile phone",as it's been showing this message " Emergency Calls" on the bottom of my screen,now I've just about ready to throw in the Fire !!,as I've tried everything from : re-booting,removing my SIM card to even switching it on & off, & that still doesn't make a diffrence,I've taken it back to where I purchased it from & the person done something to it & then it cleared that message,but then later in the evening,You guest it "The Lovely "EMERGENCY CALLS ", came back on. So I'm so totally darn frustrated with all this. So I'm needing some help or advise.

Joyce Taylor - Antwort

i have had a missed call and they left a message on my voice mail, I listen to it and deleted it but when I returned to my screen it was still notifying me that I had a voice mail, I cannot remove this message on my screen


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