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  1. Einen Mac im Internet Recovery Mode starten, Einen Mac im Internet Recovery Mode starten: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 1
    • Fahre den Computer herunter.

    • Wenn du MacOS mit Internet Recovery auf ein neues Laufwerk installieren willst, dann kannst du diesen Schritt überspringen.

    I thought this guide is for a completely new SSD, but in this example MacOS appears to already be running. Is the target SSD connected internally via SATA or is this guide for a USB based second SSD that will also run the OS?

    In the latter case, is the intent to run internet recovery on the new SSD and then open the machine up and connect it directly, replacing the old disk?

    orun bhuiyan - Antwort

    Sorry for the confusion, Orun! The new SSD guide shares a few steps with the general “boot to internet recovery mode” guide. If you’re installing MacOS to a new drive, you can skip this step. :)

    Taylor Dixon - Antwort

    Just to clarify, I have a late 2009 MacBook 6,1 running El Capitan and will be upgrading to a new SSD. Will Internet recovery work with this computer? The article states “after 2009”. Also I want to upgrade to High Sierra at the same time is there an option to select which OS or how does it decide?

    nathan davis - Antwort

    My current hard drive won’t read. I don’t care about saving anything on the computer at all and had planned on starting fresh. Can i just install the drive then do internet recovery mode or do i still have to have a backup usb with the os preinstaled?

    J H - Antwort

  2. Einen Mac im Internet Recovery Mode starten: Schritt 2, Bild 1 von 1
    • Wenn der Computer ganz heruntergefahren ist, dann drücke die Einschalttaste und drücke und halte sofort danach die Tastenkombination cmd+Option+R

    Does this option still work if using a Bluetooth keyboard?

    Chad Neumann - Antwort

    Chad, this option should still work if using a bluetooth keyboard. If you’ve paired the keyboard to the computer already, then it should connect quickly enough to register the keypresses. That said, it’s definitely less reliable than using a wired keyboard! And every bluetooth keyboard is different—one might work, and another might not. Good luck!

    Taylor Dixon -

    In my case, the SSD was completely new, and the only way I got internet recovery to work was to press Cmd+Opt+Shift+R, which installs the macOS version which came with my Mac (a Late 2012 21.5’’ iMac).

    Adrià - Antwort

    If you have a PC/Windows keyboard plugged in, then use Window+Alt+R for youngest compatible Mac-OS download.

    Ian Kjos - Antwort

    Thanks for the tips! The BT keyboard didn’t work so I used a handy Windows one.

    lucas -

    MacBook 2009 A1342 DOES NOT WORK, it always shows the ‘folder’ with a ? inside and there is nothing i can do. +, i already bought a copy of Lion 10.7 on app store but cant access it either HELP PLEASE ;-)

    Simon Saint-Pierre - Antwort

    Mine shows the same thing a folder with a ?, I couldn’t copy my hard drive as it crashed and the computer wouldn’t boot up. Now I’m starting with a brand new ssd I need to know how to or what to do.

    sweetbrandigirl2004 -

    On my MBP mid-2012, the Cmd+Opt+Shift+R worked for me too with a brand new SSD. Thx Adria!

    cat. - Antwort

    Oui pour moi aussi, avec mon MBP 13" mi 2012...

    Mickael Cambray -

    I have the A1224 and i can’t get to that back screen, I’ve tried com+opt+R and also opt+com+shift+R. It just go straight to log in screen. Any ideas that might help me get there?

    Art - Antwort

    I have MacBook A1280, I have tried all the keys combination but none is working. Keyboard perfectly working on pc but can't access Mac os partition.

    Michael Deborn - Antwort

    For me, press together button to turn on + option worked

    Ana Beatriz - Antwort

  3. Einen Mac im Internet Recovery Mode starten: Schritt 3, Bild 1 von 2 Einen Mac im Internet Recovery Mode starten: Schritt 3, Bild 2 von 2
    • Wenn eine sich drehende Weltkugel erscheint, kannst du die Tasten loslassen.

    • Während des Starts von Internet Recovery dreht sich die Weltkugel weiter. Wenn du kein Netzwerkkabel benutzt, wird die Frage choose Network (wähle Netzwerk) erscheinen. In diesem Menü kannst du dein Wi-Fi Netzwerk einstellen.

    when i want to input wifi password the keyboard is not working

    pika - Antwort

    Mine just gets stuck at WiFi connection…

    Kelly Cairns - Antwort


    In this step choosing the network I can't type my password to get my connexion.

    It shows me locked.



    Francisco Hernandez - Antwort


    In this step after connecting to WIFI it will be there forever no progress. If I click on another network it’s getting error’ed out with a globe and exclamation mark in it and error is “apple.com/support -1005 F”.

    Please assist me with some information on how to overcome this phase.


    raghuvaran45.rv - Antwort


    did you fixed it?

    i had same problume can you help me

    thank you

    vazisda -

    -3511 F Eror , whats does it means?

    Shuhrat Safarov - Antwort

    Mine is stuck flashing a folder with a question mark on it. Now what?

    lauren borkowski - Antwort

    cant get passed folder with ? mark inside PLS HELPà

    Simon Saint-Pierre - Antwort

    Even if your keyboard is AZERTY, write your password as using a QWERTY one. Just did it now.

    You're welcome ;)

    Nicolas Vaché - Antwort

    thank you sooooo much

    Geraldine Portal -

    I can’t get passed this… entered WiFi password and it just spins forever trying to login…

    Tom Baker - Antwort

    Same to me… did you fix it?

    Fritz Denner -

    Cela ne se connecte pas alors que le code est bon, comment faire ???

    coraline.mauna - Antwort

    Bonjour, je rentre mon mot de passe wifi, mais cela me refuse l’accès ?

    Ebrard Alexis - Antwort

    faite attention si vous êtes français ou autre et que votre clavier est en azerty, car moi j’ai finalement compris que dans le ordi c’était en qwerty voilà pourquoi il n’acceptait pas le bon mot de passe

    Marine Leclaire - Antwort

    After connecting to the network, globe keeps spinning, no progress bar appears underneath. Please advice how to proceed. Thanks

    miguelcruden - Antwort

    After inputting the WiFi password it gets stuck on the revolving globe showing 24:00 for ever. What might be the problem and how to fix this issue? please help!

    Srinivasa Rao Buddha - Antwort

    Solution: You need to set your DNS-server to at your router.

    Pavel Veter - Antwort

    If you are in Malaysia and using Time Internet, this will not work. I used my mobile phone (Maxis) and a hotspot to get around the problem. Not sure if its the way the router is configured with my Time connection.

    james_abela - Antwort

    Indeed. Cannot get past Time internet and need to use the hotspot. Thank you very much james_abela.

    Y MY -

    A solution for me when stuck on entering wifi password and nothing happening was instead tether to my phone, i.e. mobile hotspot and that fixed it

    Lorenzo Monsif - Antwort

    I put the wifi and then it gets me stuck on the password part, I’m unsure if I type my devices password or my wifi password

    Olivia - Antwort

    Another issue I’m having is that whenever it finishes to load my computer turns off and then I’m back on the globe screen. I really need help.

    Olivia - Antwort

  4. Einen Mac im Internet Recovery Mode starten: Schritt 4, Bild 1 von 1
    • Wenn die Netzwerkverbindung hergestellt ist, wird unter der sich drehenden Weltkugel ein Fortschrittsbalken gezeigt.

    • Bei diesem Vorgang kann es zu Störungen kommen. Benutze in diesem Fall eine Kabelverbindung und nicht das WiFi. Je nach Modell benötigst du eventuell einen passenden Adapter.

    Coloco la clave wi fi la reconoce pero no me carga nada, se queda conectado pero sin cargar nada

    federicorabanez - Antwort

    de que año es la maquina? Podría ser que la red no tiene conexión? Tal vez pueda probarlo con una conexión por cable.

    Taylor Dixon -

    Coloco la clave wi fi, y la reconoce pero el globo continua rotando hasta que se detiene y muestra error casi que indefinidamente. Algunas veces se congela y muestra error 2002F… no se que hacer

    Luis Hartmann - Antwort

    Hi, what if nothing happens once a connection is established? It just connects to the wifi and then goes back to previous page

    Allie Wilson - Antwort


    I get the spinning globe and progress bar, then it goes to grey screen with apple logo and spinning loading icon then just goes to grey screen :( 2011 macbook pro.

    Plz help.

    morgan phone - Antwort

    It happened the same to me! Could you find a solution? Thanks

    Christian Cinetto -

    I cannot type in my password, that includes numbers. If I want to type in for example number 3, instead a # appears. Is there a way to fix that problem?

    Kaweh1395 - Antwort

  5. Einen Mac im Internet Recovery Mode starten: Schritt 5, Bild 1 von 1
    • Wenn Internet Recovery geladen ist, dann siehst du die macOS Recovery Auswahl.

    After I entered password and loaded up internet recovery a Question Mark appears and flashing. What do I do next?

    Dennis Fessler - Antwort

    Never mind. When I tried a second time it went to the Disk Utility. I was able to complete the process.

    Dennis Fessler - Antwort

    Quanto tempo ci mette di solito a ricaricarsi Internet Recovery ???

    Betty Bi - Antwort

    Apple und die Time Maschine die alles kaputt macht. Statt Itunes hätten sie lieber die Time Maschine raus nehmen sollen aus Catalina Betriebssystem Apple

    Planet der Giganten - Antwort

    mi Mac lleva más de una hora y está hasta la mitad de la barra

    Matías Fonseca५ప - Antwort

    A mi me carga hasta la mitad luego se reinicia,mi máquina tiene el problema que se reinicia constantemente pero me deja acceder al modo seguro

    asesino97ful - Antwort

    Can I backup data from internet recovery to an external drive before reinstalling operating system?

    Sara - Antwort

    So, if I have a time machine backup, I chose that? I am replacing my SSD and going from the stock unit to the 1G.

    acm332 - Antwort


    Merci pour votre article.

    J’ai une question à laquelle je n’ai trouvé aucune réponse. Comment désactiver la mise en veille lors d’une clean install? Je dois rester constamment rester devant l’écran pour éviter une perte de connexion et un temps d’installation plus long…

    Layanah - Antwort

    I tried. It it didn’t go beyond globe and I tried for couple of hours. Pls advise

    San D - Antwort

    Saludos. Al entrar el password pasan unos minutos y se apaga. Que puedo hacer?

    Melissa - Antwort

    it doesn’t send me to macOS but to a white screen, what do i do?

    julia - Antwort


Über die Menüs zur Wiederherstellung lassen sich die Daten einer Time Machine Sicherung zurückholen, macOS neu installieren, Online Hilfe einholen und das Festplattendienstprogramm aufrufen, mit dem du angeschlossene Laufwerke formatieren oder Probleme diagnostizieren kannst.

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Apparently PowerBook G4 12” does not work for restoral based upon this exercise?

72Yonatan - Antwort

Oh, I’m so sorry! I forgot to specify: internet recovery mode is only available on newer Apple computers. I’ve updated the intro now, sorry for the confusion!

Taylor Dixon -

So a mid 2009 computer won’t have internet recovery mode?

Carlos Perdomo - Antwort

I bought a Asgard (seems operates from HongKong) 2TB NVME PCIe M.2 SSD that I installed into mackbook pro 15in mid 2015 with sintech adapter for conversion to MacBook AHCI controller. The disk utility does not show this SSD. Later I installed in same way another Sabrent SSD 2TB it worked fine.

What might have gone wrong in the fist SSD. Could that SSD itself faulty or incompatible? any fixes available?

GBish - Antwort

Two main reasons:

- You aren’t pushing deep enough your new ssd drive into the slot. Please reopen your mac, unplug the battery connector and push the new ssd to a fashion position.

- Your are missing the Alt/Option key. Please make the full shorcut: Alt+Shift+R.

Orlando Gomez -

Hi there

I recently replaced the HDD in my iMac 2019, 27” Retina 5K with a OWC 1TB SSD which I formatted before installation. After installing the SSD drive my iMac won’t boot up. I’ve tried everything but to no avail. When I turn the power button on nothing happens unless I continuously hold it and then only the fan comes on. Do you have any ideas what could be the problem?



Hey Joseph! There are a couple things that could be wrong here. I recommend you follow the steps laid out in this Answers post: iMac will not power on except fans, and when you get to the SDRAM step, instead put back the original HDD to see if that works. (Not that that’s the permanent solution—it’s just a problem solving step.) Hopefully it’s just a loose connector somewhere!

Taylor Dixon -

So I’ve followed these instructions and nothing happens. I reach the screen that shows the spinning globe but then it just stops. The Apple logo appears and sits there inactive. It never updates with the reinstall screen and there no options to update, either via the time machine back up or to reinstall the MAC OS system.

Nicholas Thomas - Antwort

Forgot to state, I have a mid 2011 27” iMac.

Nicholas Thomas - Antwort

Hey Nicholas, since you’re on the tail end of the compatibility list you might need to force your EFI firmware update. You can find the download link here: EFI firmware update list. If you’ve already done that (or you don’t have the ability to boot back into macOS anymore), I would try again with a stable, wired internet connection.

If you can’t get internet recovery to work, you can always create a bootable macOS drive with another macOS machine and use that as a recovery drive in a pinch. Hope this helps!

Taylor Dixon -

help me please, i want to reset my MacBook pro but when i'm click command+R MacBook show like step 3, but i can't input wifi password because my keyboard can't working but the capslock button is working. so what can i do?

pika - Antwort

pika, try plugging in an external keyboard to input the WiFi password!

Taylor Dixon -

I need help please!! I’ve chosen the wifi for the laptop to connect to but it’s just takes me back to the spinning globe and the wifi options. It doesn’t show that it is loading. How do I fix this so I can move forward to the next step?

Gigi - Antwort

Hey Gigi! It sounds like either your WiFi password isn’t correct, or the computer can’t connect to the internet with that network for some other reason. I would try your password again, and if that doesn’t work you can try to connect using an ethernet cable—or just take it to a friend’s house and try their WiFi!

Taylor Dixon -

Hi! I have followed these steps, the world is spinning and there is a time bar and under the bar is 24:00 and it has been stuck on there for over an hour, it never popped up and asked me to input my wifi information either? Help!!

Danielle Starr - Antwort

Danielle, that’s a weird one! Normally the time bar only shows up if you have slow internet, but if it didn’t ask for your wifi information then that’s definitely unexpected behavior. Can you try using an ethernet cable to hardwire internet to the computer? That way you won’t need to use wifi anyway, and hopefully it will be able to boot to internet recovery. Hopefully that workaround will get the job done, keep us posted!

Taylor Dixon -

Time Machine doesn’t work, reinstalling the OS X doesn’t work, and system utility doesn’t show my hd . What do I do?

johnthompson111 - Antwort

J’arrive à l’avant dernière étape et après celle là la cinquième étape ne s’affiche pas et m’en remet sur «  saisissez le code pin de verouillage de votre système pour déverrouiller ce Mac «  je n’arrive pas à aller à labo dernière etape

Lou - Antwort

J’arrive jusqu’à la quatrième étape mais après sa me met saisissez le code pin de verouillage de votre système pour déverrouillé ce Mac je ne comprend pas

Lou - Antwort

Hi I have done all of the above steps and the globe remain spining but instead of the progress bar it simply has the new of the WiFi connection under it? Any help? Kinda panicking a little here

Pj Reilly - Antwort

What if it says to select the disk where to install macOS Big Sur, but no disk is showing, it just lets me click back

David Hall - Antwort

Hello, I have tried the above steps but everything stopped after the bar is fully loaded and shows a “Warning Sign” in the world icon with “apple.com/support", underneath it is -2100F.

Please what can I do next?

David Ebong - Antwort


can you help me please ?

how can I leave this mode?

The combination keys I mean


MacBook Pro 2018

Abdoulaye Cissé - Antwort

Utilities does not come up for me only after the spinning globe a page to choose language pops up and then the options to shut down or restart are prompted

moh Visions - Antwort

I’ve been trying to get back to the Home Screen but it won’t let me

Sue Burgess - Antwort

recovery stop with error 1008F

H K - Antwort

Spinning globe and internet connection but no progress bar. What can I do?

bigolddogman - Antwort

Hi! What’s does that mean:

Earth with triangle with “!” plus that text





Christian Spindler - Antwort

PS: tried it several times and checkt netzwork cable/internet connection - was O.K. but Then it was successful. Happy whis understands that…

Christian Spindler -

&&^& u apple headed bitxhs

showtyme2828 - Antwort

I am ok up to step 4 but unfortunately the Mac OS utilities screen doesn’t appear. Only le apple logo

Mps - Antwort

I hade this error when going to recover mode -2002f

Prakash Chavan - Antwort

Bei meinem 27", Ende 2011, lässt sich die Prozedur auslösen und der Ladebalken unter der Weltkugel öffnet sich, doch nach 30sek. stoppt der Ladevorgang und ein Uhrsymbol zeigt 24:00. Was bedeutet das?

Wig Hensi - Antwort

At the bottom of the screen that says activate Mac it says select wi-fi network and in the upper right hand corner it has the apple logo and recovery assistant. How do I get my MacBook pro to restart

Taris Brown - Antwort

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