Use this guide to remove your Essential Phone's LCD screen—either to replace it because it's broken, or simply to get it out of the way so you can make repairs to other components.

Warning: Because of the strong adhesive securing the display, minimal clearance for inserting your tools, and very high heat required, there's a good chance of accidentally damaging the display during this procedure. If you're replacing a broken display, then you don't have to worry—but for all other repairs, work very carefully, and be prepared to replace the display afterward if necessary.

  1. Power your phone off before you begin.
    • Power your phone off before you begin.

      • If possible, drain the battery before disassembly. When the battery is charged, there's increased risk of a dangerous thermal event if the battery is overheated or damaged during repairs.

    • If your display is cracked, completely cover it with packing tape to contain the glass shards and avoid injury.

  2. Heat the perimeter of the display to soften the adhesive securing it.
    • Heat the perimeter of the display to soften the adhesive securing it.

      • If available, use a hot plate or heat pad. Place the Essential Phone face-down and heat it to 85° C for at least 15 minutes.

      • Otherwise, use a heat gun to evenly heat the entire perimeter of the display until it's too hot to touch. Try to maintain a high temperature for 15-20 minutes—but beware that without exact control over the temperature, you can easily destroy the display.

    • Wear heat-resistant anti-static gloves as needed to safely handle the phone after this step.

    • In the following steps, you will separate the display panel and cover glass assembly from the Essential Phone's chassis.

      • For reference, the back of the display panel is shown at left. Note the contours of the display panel. Tools can only safely be inserted into the camera notch at the top, and along the very thin (just over 1 mm) black bezel surrounding the display.

      • Inserting tools at any other location risks permanent damage to the LCD.

    • While the phone is still hot, apply a heavy-duty suction cup to the top half of the display.

    • After positioning the suction cup, gently press down, and then close the handle to securely fasten the suction cup to the display surface.

    • If your display is badly cracked, the suction cup may not adhere. Skip the next step below and use your blade to slice under the display as best you can.

    • Pull on the suction cup handle to open a slight gap between the top edge of the display and the Essential Phone's titanium enclosure.

    • You only need a very slight gap, but this may require a significant amount of force. If you're having trouble, apply more heat and try again.

    • Insert a thin blade or pry tool into the camera notch at the top of the display.

      • The gap where you can safely insert a tool is only about 5 mm wide. If you hit the LCD with your tool, you will damage it.

    • Use your suction cup and blade or pry tool to widen the gap at the top of the display until you can insert a second tool under the glass, closer to the corner.

    • Insert a halberd spudger no more than 1 mm under the display, and cut the adhesive all along the top edge.

      • The bezel surrounding the LCD panel is slightly over 1 mm deep. If you insert your tool any deeper, you can damage the display.

    • Continue carefully separating the adhesive at the top corners and down both sides of the display.

    • Do not insert your tool more than 1 mm.

    • Do not pry or slice on the bottom edge yet. The display's FPC is folded under the bottom edge and may be damaged.

    • Pull carefully on the suction cup to swing the top edge of the display away from the chassis.

    • Leave the bottom edge connected for now; the glue will most likely continue to hold it in place.

    • Carefully open the clamp on the suction cup to release the suction, and remove the suction cup.

    • Swing the display open to about 90° and prop it up against something sturdy so it doesn't move while you work.

      • An unopened soda or can of soup works well as a prop.

    • If needed, gently add a rubber band to help secure the display.

    • Use a Phillips #00 driver to remove the two 1.5 mm screws securing the display cable.

    • Carefully slide a pick underneath the display cable to separate the adhesive securing it to the metal shield beneath.

      • If necessary, add a little heat to soften the adhesive and make it easier to separate.

    • The two adhesive pads securing the display cable are conductive and should be firmly re-adhered during assembly. If necessary, replace the pads.

    • Use the point of a spudger to pry the display cable pop connector straight up from its socket.

    • Use your halberd spudger to carefully separate any remaining adhesive along the bottom edge of the phone.

    • Remove the display.

    • Before installing the display, remove all traces of the old adhesive, then clean and prep the glued areas of the chassis and display (if you're re-using it) with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth.

    • Connect the display and power on the Essential Phone to test your repair before sealing the display panel in place.

    • You may re-secure the display with a strong double-sided adhesive tape, such as 1 mm Tesa 61395.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi, do I need glue to put it back? Cause when I removed it, I also had to removed all the glue/rubber in the contours.

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My screen came with adhesive tape that was white but after doing some research I heard white tape lets in light and impacts the quality of the picture so I purchased 1mm wide tape from amazon.com. Worked great no light leaks.

MSaran -

Hi thanks so much for this! But how do you replace a cracked screen with a new one? Thanks!

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To be more specific I am hoping you can provide further clarification around step 16. Thanks again!

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Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for this!!!!

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