Hier wird der Austausch des Trackpads gezeigt.

  1. Bevor du weitermachst, musst du deinen Computer mit der Unterseite nach oben auf eine weiche ebene Oberfläche legen.
    • Bevor du weitermachst, musst du deinen Computer mit der Unterseite nach oben auf eine weiche ebene Oberfläche legen.

    • Drehe folgende zehn Schrauben heraus:

      • Zwei 9 mm 5-Point Pentalobe Schrauben

      • Acht 2,6 mm 5-Point Pentalobe Schrauben

    • Den speziellen Schraubendreher, um die zehn 5-Point Pentalobe Schrauben herauszudrehen, findest du hier.

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  2. Zwänge deine Finger zwischen Display und Gehäuseunterteil und ziehe es nach oben, so dass sich das Gehäuseunterteil vom Air löst.
    • Zwänge deine Finger zwischen Display und Gehäuseunterteil und ziehe es nach oben, so dass sich das Gehäuseunterteil vom Air löst.

    • Entferne das Gehäuseunterteil und lege es beiseite.

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    • Fasse die durchsichtige Zuglasche aus Plastik, welche am Akkustecker angebracht ist, und ziehe sie in Richtung der Vorderkante des Air. So wird der Akku vom Logic Board getrennt.

    • Ziehe den Stecker beim Ablösen nicht nach oben.

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    • Der Akku ist mit fünf Torx T5 Schrauben am oberen Gehäuse befestigt. Drehe sie heraus:

      • Drei 6,3 mm Schrauben

      • Zwei 2,4 mm Schrauben

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  3. Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
    Pack's ein, pack's aus, pack's an: Erhalte 12 € Rabatt auf deinen Einkauf ab 50 € mit dem Code FIXMAS12
    Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
    Pack's ein, pack's aus, pack's an: Erhalte 12 € Rabatt auf deinen Einkauf ab 50 € mit dem Code FIXMAS12
    • Vermeide es beim Hantieren am Akku, die vier freiliegenden Lithium-Polymer-Zellen zu drücken oder zu berühren.

    • Hebe den Akku an der Kante nahe am Logic Board an und entferne ihn vom oberen Gehäuse.

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    • Klappe den Sicherungsbügel am ZIF Anschluss des Flachbandkabels zum Trackpad mit der Spudgerspitze oder deinem Fingernagel hoch.

    • Achte darauf, dass du nur am scharnierartigen Sicherungsbügel hebelst, (gegenüber dem Kabel) nicht am Anschluss selbst.

    • Ziehe das Flachbandkabel zum Trackpad gerade aus seinem Anschluss in Richtung der hinteren Kante des Air.

    Thanks for this fantastic guide!!! Got an old Macbook Air working again. Only difficult spot was the ZIF cables. Man, I hate ZIF cables....

    lyleberman - Antwort

    I found it easyer to first connect the cables to the touchpad during reassabling. I could handel the tiny connectors better. After connecting the cabels I could easiely install the touchpad it self.

    Stefan Kania - Antwort

    • Hebe das Flachbandkabel zur Tastatur mit einer Hand an und klappe gleichzeitig den Sicherungsbügel am ZIF Anschluss des Tastaturkabels mit der Spudgerspitze oder deinem Fingernagel hoch.

    • Achte darauf, dass du nur am scharnierartigen Sicherungsbügel hebelst, nicht am Anschluss selbst.

    • Ziehe das Flachbandkabel zur Tastatur gerade aus seinem Anschluss heraus in Richtung der Vorderkante des Air.

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    • Entferne folgende zwölf Kreuzschlitzschrauben:

      • Sechs 1,6 mm Schrauben, welche das Trackpad am oberen Gehäuse befestigen.

      • Sechs 1,6 mm Schrauben, welche die Halterungen des Trackpads am Trackpad befestigen.

      • Ein PH000 Kreuzschlitzschraubendreher sollte gehen, aber ein JIS000 funktioniert genauso gut.

    I stripped one of the six 1.6mm screws securing the trackpad to the upper case. Where could I get a replacement and what are the exact dimensions (I assume that 1.6mm is the length not the head size). Not sure whether this is the right place to post this, but I would be very thankful for some help.

    Karl - Antwort

    The 00 philips driver is not working for these 6 screws...very frustrated....

    Adam - Antwort

    The 00 phillips screw driver does not do the job for step 8!!!!!!!!! FRUSTRATING!

    anonymous 1446 - Antwort

    Anyone figured the right screwdriver?

    er09gi4v - Antwort

    Worst part was the philips screws on the brackets, step 8. One screw wouldn't unscrew for the longest time. I stripped it so bad, that I finally got it undone with a Torx 5 that I wedged into the stripped screw hole! Fortunately the replacement trackpad came with it's own brackets and screws anyway, so I didn't need to re-use the messed up screw.

    In the end, success...phew!

    fauxryan - Antwort

    Beware that when you remove these screws the trackpad will have dropped down and resting on the screen. Maybe a precaution would be to place a thin cloth between the trackpad and screen.

    Joe - Antwort

    Agreed on the error in the guide. J00 seems to be the best fit.

    H4nd5omeR0b - Antwort

    I stripped one of the 12 screws. Of course one of the ones attached to the unibody frame not the trackpad. I thought I could weasel the trackpad out without taking the right bracket off but no dice. I had to bend the bracket and turn it around to get the trackpad out.

    After I got the trackpad out I took out the replacement (purchased from here) and lo and behold it had the two brackets attached! So great, I'm good on screw count! But crap, now I REALLY need to get that stripped screw back out.

    Thankfully I was able to dig it out with a tiny flat head bit from the 54 bit driver kit.

    I even reattached the two brackets to the old trackpad and put it back in the ESD bag. I wonder if I can send it back to iFixIt to be refurbished. Don't want to toss it and have it wind up in a landfill unnecessarily!

    David Lam - Antwort

    The Phillips 00 I bought from iFixit definitely doesn't work. Gonna try their 000.

    jorach - Antwort

    My new trackpad came with the brackets installed. It wasn’t necessary for me to remove the screws circled in orange (they hold the bracket to the trackpad). Check to see if your new trackpad has the brackets installed before removing the orange screws.

    Doug Weathers - Antwort

    After purchasing multiple sets of drivers to get these out, I recommend anyone who finds they don’t have an adaquet PH00 driver to skip any dollar store or RadioShack driver sets. Head down to your local tool shop or auto repair store and buy yourself a $5-$10 set of precision drivers with only a few bits. Don’t go buying yourself a 20 piece set and think you’re getting a deal, these screws require a good quality PH00 to be removed without stripping.

    Spencer Shupe - Antwort

    When you're putting it back together, it's useful to attach these to the trackpad so it won't drop below the socket

    Jelan - Antwort

    • Entferne die rechte und die linke Halterung des Trackpads vom oberen Gehäuse.

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    • Entferne die 1,4 mm Torx T5 Stellschraube aus der vertieften Öffnung nahe der Vorderkante des oberen Gehäuses.

    • Ziehe beim Zusammenbau diese Schraube nicht zu stark an, sonst hört die Taste ab einem bestimmten Punkt auf zu klicken. Justiere die Schraube so, bis die bewegliche Seite des Trackpads minimales Spiel hat.

    This was a T10 on my Mid 2011.

    Joe - Antwort

    Sorry, seems more like a T6

    Joe -

    This was a T6 on mine as well. Sadly I figured that out after threading the screw with the T5 included in the iFixit kit, so now my trackpad won't click at all.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Buy a T6 screwdriver if the T5 in the kit is just a bit too small for the screw in step 10.

    Jon -

    I thought the purpose of this set screw was to adjust the height of the pad relative to the rest of the deck. By feeling underneath as I adjusted this screw, I was able to get the join between the pad and the deck seamlessly level,

    bbc2 - Antwort

    Hi, I just want to ask what it means that it will stop clicking eventually, I had my macbook air trackpad replaced after some water fell on it and now around 9 months later the trackpad click gets stuck and it's driving me crazy, I went back to the service center myself and the technician actually admitted that he overtightened the screws but since the parts warranty is only 90 days he has to charge me again. So my question actually is can overtightening it cause permanent damage? Is there anything I can do? There's no apple store here (Cyprus) but the service center is one of the official service and registered distributor for Mac products and specifically for the more professional clientele.

    crossmission1984 - Antwort

    can anyone tell me where to get a replacement for the set screw mentioned in step 10? mine has gone missing. all i need is the screw, i don't want to replace the whole trackpad.

    sean - Antwort

    I, too, have a question about the set screw. I replaced a MacBook Air 2011 keyboard because of water damage and that process involves also taking out the trackpad and putting it back in. After reassembly, I now get phantom clicks (the "click" sound happens as expected, but the Air frequently thinks I'm clicking when I'm not). Could this be a result of over/under tightening the set screw, or is it more likely the trackpad also needs replacement?

    Hank - Antwort

    The set screw on my macbook barely turns 1/8 of a rotation before it hits a blockage. I do not want to try to turn harder for fear of stripping the screen and/or the threads in the case. I assumed that the screw should be able to be completely unscrewed from the case, correct? Any idea what's causing the blockage?

    johnkowtko - Antwort

    There is no need or benefit to removing this screw completely. Maybe back it out a little bit just to make it easier to install the new trackpad, and then adjust it once the new trackpad is mounted in the case. Agreed, this was a T6 on my MacBook Air 13" Mid 2012.

    mattdittrich - Antwort

    It was a T6 in MacBook Air Mid 2011 as well.

    Armin Hempel - Antwort

    • Hebe die Kante des Trackpads nahe der Tastatur vorsichtig mit dem flachen Ende des Spudgers aus ihrer Vertiefung im oberen Gehäuse, indem du sie aus den Halterungen, die am oberen Gehäuse angebracht sind, weghebst.

    • Entferne das Trackpad vom oberen Gehäuse.

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The screws are not Philips 00. They are smaller than Philips 000. I am looking for a screwdriver in that size.

I have the iFixit toolkit, and the PH000 tip simply did not fit into the head. The J000 tip could remove a couple screws, but started to strip the head of two others before I stopped. The tip almost stripped the two I removed on reinsertion.

The replacement trackpad comes with a set of these screws.

mikedesimone - Antwort

No pictures : impossible to use

Pierre GENNEVOIS - Antwort

Hey Pierre! There was an Amazon service outage that affected the images on this page. Take another look, you should be able to follow this guide now! =)

Sam Lionheart -

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