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Mitte 2006 / Modellnummer A1181 / schwarzes oder weißes Gehäuse / 1,83 oder 2,0 GHz Intel Core Duo Prozessor.

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screen turns off when opened half way

the screen itself has no problems, but when i lift it open more then 90 degrees it will turn off. sometimes i can get it to stay on if i wiggle the screen back and forth a hundred times. is this a hinge, or a switch that can be replaced or cleaned?

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This sounds like a faulty inverter cable, which is fairly common with MacBooks. Relatively inexpensive, but somewhat difficult fix.

There is a guide already on iFixit - Inverter Cable Replacement

The replacement cable is about $20 through iFixit - Replacement Inverter Cable

A note with the cable... I would remove the MacBook's top case & look at the end of the inverter cable that connects to the logic board before ordering, just to ensure you order the proper cable. There are two options and I don't entirely trust how iFixit is differentiating the two. I've seen hundreds of the Santa Rose / Penryn model connections but only a handful of the Core Duo / Core 2 Duo connections.

Hope that helps!

MacBook (Core Duo/Core 2 Duo) Inverter Cable Bild


MacBook (Core Duo/Core 2 Duo) Inverter Cable


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i would think its a cable that is loose or is beeing squished thats y when you move the screen it turns off, check youtube for step by step guide to remove the screen on the model of your laptop or get it from here thats what i would do

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