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Das LG G4 kam Anfang Juni 2015 auf den US-amerikanischen Markt, wie immer mit dem Fokus auf High-End Technologie und einem raffinierten Design, was es als Permiumsmartphone aus der Masse herausstechen lässt. Jede Version des Telefons hat eine unterschiedliche Modellnummer, abhängig davon, ob es von einem Telefonanbieter oder LG selbst als US Unlocked oder Internationales Modell verkauft wurde.

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It is stuck on the lg screen

I have a g4 that is stuck on the lg opening screen. What do i need to do to get it fixed?

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Even though I repair phone and consider myself technologically savvy I was unable to fix my personal LG G2 when it seemed to have all the firmware wiped and suffered from the same issue. I searched the web completely, contacted my smartest colleges & eventually LG themselves to finally except their answer. It was to send them the phone with no guarantee it would be fixed or returned. I went back to the iPhone.


My phone stick one screen on Lg. I can't reboot my phone either. My phone is freezing up. I try turn back on. It didn't work. I don't know what do.


If your LG G4 is experiencing problems..look up " LG G4 Bootloop Problem". This is a problem that is affecting ALL LG G4 phones at one time or another. LG was sued for this issue and you should be able to get your G4 repaired for free from LG if you mention it has the Bootloop problem -no matter how old your G4 is or whether it was under warranty since this is a hardware problem. Keep in mind though you will lose ALL data stored on your phone once the repair is done -all pics, music and contacts. YouTube has some videos showing fixes..but the fixes aren't guaranteed. I am currently having this issue and am desperately trying to save my pics from my phone by using some of these YouTube fixes..but so far..no luck. I will NEVER buy another LG phone again. I have pics on my phone that are irreplaceable..of family that is no longer living..so they mean everything to me. IF your G4 is still working..I encourage you to download onto your computer or card EVERYTHING you want to keep BEFORE this happens to you.


What if my phone is stuck on the Tracfone Wireless screen and you can't do anything?


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How do I get the phone working for data recovery?

I had mine die the same way. I got my stuff off by reflowing it with a high wattage hairdryer. It’s NOT for the feint of heart and requires some electronics experience, but if you think you’re up to heating it up and maintaining it so it runs to get your data off (without a shutdown), a reflow seems to do the trick. It was a little sensitive on mine to how hot it was because I had a 509K phone so it could be anything plus it was mentioned to send it in so I agreed to keep evidence I was in low/nonexistent. It did work, though.

The only real downside is LG may not repair the phone but they just replace your dead G4 with another G4 that will probably die the same way and Depot the dead phone. If they replaced it with a reliable phone I may have sent mine in, but they give you another G4 that will probably fail the same way - basically the bare minimum and I also warned them I would not use it. That was my second (and last) LG phone I ever bought.

Nowadays with the current financing methods in use, I buy my phones outright since financing is of low value proposition (pay now or pay over time) and LG’s track record isn’t good. I have stood my ground on this since 2017 and haven’t looked back.

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  • First of all turn off your phone.
  • Press Power + Volume Down button at the same time for some seconds.
  • When the LG Logo appears then quickly release the Power button for a second and again press and hold the Power button
  • Release the Button when the Factory Hard Reset menu will appear.
  • Now press the Power button to begin and again press it to Confirm. Now your LG G4 will factory reset and the phone will automatically restart.

You have done all the process successfully

For more hacks check LG G4 Manual.

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How long doesn it takes, for the factory Reset to process?


ok i did all and factory reset , it started back up and still got stuck on the orange Verizon screen.. no luck here


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This is for a L41C. Before doing a factory reset, which is a major hassle as it erases all your personal data and settings, try following the above procedure, but when you get the LG screen, keeping the volume button down (I think, if it doesn’t work try releasing the volume button) press and release the power button several times. This has twice gotten my past the boot loop problem.

Then back up all your data and pictures to the cloud or hard drive. Get everything synced to the cloud either through Google or other means and make sure the sync works. It’s bound to happen again, though it did wait for a couple of months. I don’t know what caused it after a couple of years of no problem. The second freeze occurred while the phone was working and on Weather.com. I believe the first was another phone freeze. The freeze doesn’t allow the phone to turn off. Taking the battery out to try a restart gets one to the LG screen, making it seem like its a boot problem, but the freezes I had occurred before this..

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