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Compatibility of Logicboards A1211 in a A1226


I would like to fix a MPB A1226 (broken logicboard) with parts of a A1211. The A1211 has a very damaged body and a dark screen (inventor).

Can I use the logicboard of the A1211 for the A1226?

In general, the A1226 is in a pretty good shape

Fans, super-drive and some cables of the A12226 have been replaced. HD, battery and RAM are quite new.

So, I would like to fix the A1226.

Yes, I checked the threads and searched google for information.



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No they have way to many parts with most with different motherboard connections.

A1226,A1260 LED display versions both compatible 2.2, 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 processors all will swap between each other.

The A1211 A1150 compatible to each other - they use the LCD display.

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