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Die Xbox One S ist eine Entwicklung von Microsoft. Sie erschien im August 2016 als Neuauflage der Xbox One.

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How do I fit a replacement fan?


My unit has the widespread 'fan buzz' issue and I want to replace the stock fan with a quiet Corsair model. My question is - how do I fit a new fan into the system? The stock model is designed to fit precisely over the top of the heat sink.

I've read stories of people successfully replacing the fan, so I imagine that it is possible. Would the new fan simply be 'loose'?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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I've been working on this exact problem on my Youtube channel. I've gotten the first part of the video done but still need to do some testing. Here is the link for it.

I've installed a silent wings 3 fan and used an adapter so I don't have to change the wiring. Now I'm just testing to see if the motherboard will make the fan go faster when needed.

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@fantefuturist , Tear down and replace fan assy,(life time warranty) if available links below, contact ifixya to see if correct fan for your unit is available. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


Xbox One S Teardown

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Sorry, perhaps I should've been more clear. I already know how to teardown the unit - I just want to know if it's possible to securely fit an aftermarket fan (that I already own) onto the existing heat sink.


Andrew, There is always a way to adapt, it will take ingenuity on your part if mounting differs from your original part. You may have to slot holes on new fan bracket with a dremel type tool or add mounting brackets, use small plastic pull ties, small amount of silicone, etc. Do find a way to secure it, to help avoid noise,vibration and the chance of it floating around damaging other components


Thank you for the advice :)


Please don't buy that fan linked to above...it's for an Xbox One and not an Xbox One S and won't fit...it's too tall.


@tronicsfix , thanks for your input, I made a correction and removed the wrong fan/part.


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