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Erschienen im November 2016. Sie bietet verbesserte Hardware für 4K Spiele und Videostreaming. Model: CUH-7015B.

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Is the power supply dual voltage?

Old ps4 has dual voltage psu and what about ps4 pro?

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Is the North American PS4 pro power supply a dual voltage


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Yes, all PS4's have dual voltage. Check out the first photo in step 8. You'll see that the power supply itself if rated for dual voltage.

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Are you sure? I just bought an unit in Japan and the packaging, unit and manual says only 100V 50/60Hz. Even the model number is "CUH-7000B B01 100V"....


Yep...look at the link I posted above


I wonder why sony labelled the ps4s like that when they work on 110-250v range.


Who knows...the power supply is labeled correctly though.


So i dont have to worry of overheating or anything if i plugged the US PS4 Pro into a 220V supply ?


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