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Released in 2010, Model Number: ECS114 The Nextbook Premium 7SE comes equipped with Android Ice Cream 4.0 Os, 7 inch TFT color display, and built in camera

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Why is my screen not working?

My screen is black when the device is on and it does not respond to touch.

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Student Question


I broke my screen and now I cannot use the touch. My warrantee has not yet expired. Thing is I got it from Walmart and they only have a thirteen day policy. Where do I send it


Hi @justanna

You may be out of luck as the Nextbook warranty does not cover what they may deem to be "misuse". You can try and call them to see what they will do but I do not have much hope that they will accept it as a warranty repair. Here is the link to the warranty provisions from Nextbook.


If they don't accept it as a warranty repair you will either have to get a reputable professional electronics or mobile phone repair service to fix it for you (at your expense) or try to fix it yourself as per the information below regarding screen replacement.

The touchscreen (digitizer) is separate from the LCD screen.

Here is a link to the replacement part. It is not a recommendation to use the seller. It is shown just to give you an idea of the cost of the part and what it looks like. There are other suppliers online. Just search for Nextbook Premium 7SE touchscreen replacement part to get suppliers that may suit you better.



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There are several reasons why your screen may not be working properly. For more help, please see the troubleshooting guide for this device. This guide can be found here: Nextbook Premium 7SE Troubleshooting

If your screen is cracked or physically broken, see the replacement guide here: Screen Replacement

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