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SodaStream Source is a new way to create soda in the comfort of your own home that allows you to personalize your beverage and make only the drinks you want, avoiding all the extra bottles.

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Why is my bottle leaking?

Whenever I try to make soda, my bottle starts leaking everywhere.

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Student question


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Hey Hailey, to avoid the soda from leaking all over the counter, double-check that the carbonation bottle is in the correct position. You simply need to insert the bottle at an angle and push the bottle towards the device to secure it.

If you are hearing a hissing noise coming from your SodaStream Source, the carbonation tube is leaking gas, or the carbonation bottle is leaking, use the SodaStream Source is Leaking Gas problem page to fix the leak.

If your SodaStream Source is leaking during carbonation, see the SodaStream Source is Leaking During Carbonation problem page instead.

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