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Released May 2015, identified by model number SM-T350. Features 8.0″ TFT capacitive touchscreen, 5 MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth.

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Tablet not charging and not turn on

I read many thread about similar issue and none of solution worked for me so far. Please advise.

Battery drained out, while I was on vacation. Ever since, the device does not get charged. I tried many cables that work for other devices but charging icon does not show up, while the device itself gets hot.

I tried all combination of volume up/down + power + home and volume up/down + power, while cable is plugged, and nothing worked.

When I called Samsung, they said they will provide free repair, even though the device is out of warranty, however, they would wipe out the data before repair and I need to avoid it.

If you can advise any solution for the charging issue or the way to backup the data under current situation, it would be great.


Additional information.

I replaced battery but no luck. Right after I replaced the battery, the area marked in the picture gets really hot. I currently disconnected replacement battery.

If there is no luck of getting this device back to working, if anyone knows how to extract data from dead device, it would help too. Thank you.

This is a picture before replacing battery.

Block Image

This is a picture after replacing battery.

Block Image

This is a picture and area where it gets heat.

Block Image

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@srhyoh this "while the device itself gets hot" would be a concern to me. It could be caused by a battery battery or by some short circuit on the circuit board. I'd go ahead and replace the battery by using this guide Samsung Galaxy Tab A Akku Austausch While doing so check your charging port to ensure it is still properly connected. Also check for any damaged looking components. If so, post a couple of images of your board etc. with your question. That will allow us the see what you see. Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

iFixit Bild


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2 - 5 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Akku Bild


Samsung Galaxy Tab A Akku Austausch



10 minutes

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@oldturkey03 It takes time to order battery from ifixit. I replaced battery and but it still not working. The part I highlighted in the picture gets hot right after I connected new battery and assemble. I currently disconnected battery. Additional advice would be appreciated.


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