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Guides for the LTE version of the iPad Mini 4—model A1550. Announced on September 9, 2015, the iPad Mini 4 is the successor to the iPad Mini 3.

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Itunes restore error 4013 after water damage.

Hi all! My iPad mini 4 has recently got water damaged. Not that much water just a little drizzle. My iPad is showing the iTunes logo. When I attempt to restore it it reboots and goes to a red screen. That screen fades away then it reboots back to the iTunes logo. It gives me error 4013 on iTunes after failed restore. NEED HELP ASAP!

Thank you all in advance!

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no offense but i would bring this in to a shop to help repair it. you need to do a water damage treatment first and foremost with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and just taking off this screen is a super risky super expensive endeavor as they cost 100 or so for just the part. then on top of that 4013 is usually a hardware defect or error. DO NOT tell apple about the water and see if theyll replace it for free. if not THEN bring it somewhere to do water damage treatment. if you REALLY want to take these risks yourself comment back after you visit apple and ill walk you through it


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Oh my sweet lord. Stop putting things in a jewelry cleaner everybody. As far as OP is concerned. It does need to be cleaned for water damage. Do not put it in rice. That's not going to do anything. If you want to attempt the repair yourself. Try this guide iPad mini 4 LTE Logic Board tauschen use this guide Electronics Water Damage and I really do stress using 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol. The device really should be cleaned with an ultrasonic bath. A good repair shop will have one. I charge $90 for phones. I don't usually do iPads, and I include a new battery. Basically I just add the cost of the battery. Most shops won't do this. As far as your error code. It's a hardware issue, and your iPad needs a new charging port. On this logic board however it is soldered on. So you'll have to find a shop that does some amount of microsoldering.

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Alright... Before I do this I'm going to bring it to apple and see what they say. I hope they don't find the water damage and replace it lol. If that fails I will bring it to my local repair shop.


Whatever you do. Don't mention the water damage


"Stop putting things in a jewelry cleaner everybody." "The device really should be cleaned with an ultrasonic bath." what do you think a jewelry cleaner is??? its an ultrasonic cleaner... you sure you have a shop?


@electrogeek while iMedic's comment may seem contradictory, he is in fact, quite correct. A jewelry cleaner is not at all on the same level as a true ultrasonic bath. What he is referring to is a bath that does sweep frequency cleaning. These are much more powerful devices and when it comes to electronics, they can clean where a simple jewelry cleaner can't. Crest and Branson are the leaders in laboratory grade ultrasonic cleaners used by repair shops worldwide.


@electrogeek why don't you fact check things, or at least think about them, before you say them? And while your at it. Stop jamming peoples phones into that $46 jewelry cleaner full of nail polish remover? I don't care that you bought it on eBay. I bought my Crest Ultra Sonic Bath on eBay. For $800


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