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Case for the iPhone 6s, launched by Apple in December 2015. The Smart Battery Case includes an integrated battery to boost the capacity of an iPhone 6s.

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Can it be fixed?

The end of the power cord built into the case broke off into my phone, can it be put back onto my case to make it work?

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@oliviaguztin post some pictures so we can see what all of this looks like. Use this guide Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen for that


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This is a tricky question because the battery case itself requires you to break into it and that is usually the end of it being usefully again as you need to slice through the rubber. If you are willing to do that anyway the charging port can be replaced as its a separate unit but you would have to search online on eBay and other websites to see if these parts are for sale.

I have linked the ifixit guide so you can have a look at how this can be done but if you are not comfortable in repairing these types of electronics I would stick with buying a new case.

Smart Battery Case Teardown

Hopefully that helped

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