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A laptop by Lenovo, commonly found in offices all over the world.

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Laptop to desktop project

I've got a lenovo thinkpad t410 with a serious overheating problem. I'd like to turn it into a custom desktop for a fun project. Instead of using the included fan, I want to use a large aluminum heat sink from an old desktop, with another fan directed up through it. However, the thinkpad will shut down without the original fan and heat sink in it's proper place. Does anyone know of a way to disable this function to allow me to proceed with this project?

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@anathem0 not quite sure what your setup currently looks like., You should consider posting plenty of images so we can see what you see. Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen How do you have the replacement heatsink and fan connected? Any chance you could connect that fan to the T410 motherboard?


I seem to have located the issue. I believe that the problem was that heat was not being drawn away from the chips fast enough and the system detected this and shut down. A simple application of some thermal paste seems to have fixed the problem. In addition to the aluminum heat sink and the correct application of thermal paste, I will be re-utilizing the original fan to circulate air through the build. When it's done, I'll post some pictures!


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It may be that it's shutting down as a precautionary measure having detected that the original fan isn't connected. If you remove the fan from the original heat sink and cooling fins you can maybe plug it in just as an experiment.

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