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Das LG G4 kam Anfang Juni 2015 auf den US-amerikanischen Markt, wie immer mit dem Fokus auf High-End Technologie und einem raffinierten Design, was es als Permiumsmartphone aus der Masse herausstechen lässt. Jede Version des Telefons hat eine unterschiedliche Modellnummer, abhängig davon, ob es von einem Telefonanbieter oder LG selbst als US Unlocked oder Internationales Modell verkauft wurde.

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Phone not accepting Sim Card

So my old LG G4 (H815 Factory Unlocked) isn't playing ball with my Boyfriends 3 Sim. The phone is confirmed Unlocked and I've been able to use my GiffGaff sim in the phone which further confirms it's unlocked. However it refuses to accept a 3 sim (Both my new 3 Sim; his and one from the store)

I've tried factory resetting the phone a number of times, rebooting, opening it up and inspecting the prongs. Nothing; any advice?

I've also fiddled with APN settings and LTE/GSM settings.

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Try using a new SIM before going any further. It doesn't need to work so the easiest way to get one is to buy a prepaid SIM kit from any retailer. Since the phone is factory unlocked, you can use any common SIM kit (usually Tracfone/Net10).

If you continue having issues, there's a problem with the contacts on the SIM reader. If you're comfortable with board level repair, you can fix this issue with a new SIM reader. If you are not, then you're going to need a new motherboard.

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See, I failed to mention that it did detect the sim once, it had a data value but no connection. I think a motherboard replacement may be in order though.


That could mean the SIM is inactive. If you know with 100% certainty it's active then it might be the board.


Sim is 100% active; it's been working in another phone. Sounds like a mainboard issue


Sim card not working other phone simcard is working


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