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Wi-Fi Version des iPad Air 2, Modellnummer A 1566.

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Completely Dead Ipad Air 2

Hello everybody,

so I have an Ipad Air 2 wifi that suddenly stopped working. The device didn't fall or get damaged with water. The only problem it had was not charging when using other cables than the one that came with it(I have 2 original lightning cabels and a hdmi adapter, I have no problem using them on my IPhone 6 however with the Ipad they do their connecting function but the battery doesn't get charged). So the device does not show any reaction to charging and doesn't connect to any Pc/Mac. It also refuse the reset. The only thing that happens is the right side gets warm when I connect it with the charger. Apple's employees were not helpful and only suggested to replace the Ipad with a new one for 340€.

My question is did this problem happen to any one before? What can be the cause and is there any solution.

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Have this same exact issue warm on right side, no response to charging or reseting. Apple genius bar wanted 299 for replacement. only 3 year old IPAD suck wheres the quality


Exactly the same issue with me. Also only charged with certain chargers. I have just taken mine to the iPad repair store, who have come back with: they don't open factory sealed devices so they can't open to tell me what the problem is, which I knew already, that the ipad wont power on and wont charge. Mine is only 16 months old. Apple doesn't recommend any other repair centre that will open and look, so I'm quite stuck.


I had the same problem! Apple genius said that it’s a hardware issue inside the charging port and that there’s no way to fix it. I had to buy a new IPad and loose all the stuff I had on the other.


Kaitlyn, you got played, with disastrous results, by the Apple "geniuses". It's almost irresponsible how they have folks get rid of easily fixable devices, losing precious data along the way.

Charge issues are almost always fixable and in a worst case scenario, the device can usually be fixed enough to at least recover the data.

There are plenty of quality repair shops worldwide that can do this. Apple tells people only they can do a good job but that's simply not true.


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If the Lightning cables work on other devices but not your iPad, then it's safe to say that you have a problem within your iPad. It could be just the Lightning port or it could be the charge circuit on the logic board. You could follow this guide to open your device a take a look-see but both of these potential repairs will require micro-soldering so it's not a DIY repair.

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Is it safe to open the device? Many people says that it is very risky and can damage the screen.


Well, that's partly true. If you're not careful you can do a lot of damage very quickly and the cost of Air 2 replacement screens is quite high. That said, look at the this guide (IPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Displayeinheit ersetzen) to see if you are comfortable doing this. Once you open, you will need new adhesive to seal it back properly.


That was realy helpful. I think I'll try it. Thank you very much.


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It appears that the problem is either a battery issue, a dock connecter issue or it could be a circuit board issue.

If it is the battery or dock connecter, it should be replaced but if its a circuit board issue, then you would have to either get a professional to revive your circuit board or get a new iPad

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