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Im Juni 2017 brachte Apple die Neuausgabe vom 13" MacBook Air heraus. Es erhielt den neueren Broadwell Intel Core i5 Prozessor, die Leistung und Akkulaufzeit stieg dadurch etwas an.

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Bent corner fix price?

How much would it cost to repair a bent corner? The top right corner is bent and it doesn't close correctly, so the aluminum of the bent part touches the bottom right aluminum. I would like to know the price to fix this minimal damage.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Can you post some pic's so we can see whats damaged.

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I just added them. Any opinion/answer will help, thanks!


what mac model is it?


It will be virtually impossible to repair that corner with no traces of the damage. It's bent on a compound curve so there will need to be some finesse with shaping the metal back to its original shape (or close enough to it) without scratching the crap out of the metal. No matter what you're going to have to take apart the display assembly.

There are tools that can assist in this -- for example, the PlierTek Corner and Sidewall Repair Pliers which iFixIt sells -- but they can be costly. There are YouTube videos showing people repairing bent corners with straight pliers wrapped in cloth, or with hammers and leather, and seeing mixed degrees of success.

Finding an independent shop to do this for you might be possible but not a lot of shops will do this; the labor cost will likely outweigh the cost of simply replacing the bent piece with a new one.


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Sadly the MacBook Air displays are hard to open as you would need to remove the glass and LCD screen before even attempting to bend back the corner as you would likely damage them if they aren't already cracked.

Apple didn't make any hardware changes between the 2015 model when it rolled out the 2017 model which technically is only one model which has a different logic board with a newer CPU.

I would just replace the complete lid assembly as it will be a lot better in the end. Here's the IFIXIT guide you'll need to follow: MacBook Air 13" Anfang 2015 Displayeinheit austauschen and here's the needed part": MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2013-2017) Display Assembly. The cheapest version is about $400 US.

If you wanted to have someone attempt to reform the lid it will likely cost you around the same. As they would need to take the lid apart.

MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2013-2017) Display Assembly Bild


MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2013-2017) Display Assembly


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