Die Xbox One S ist eine Entwicklung von Microsoft. Sie erschien im August 2016 als Neuauflage der Xbox One.

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I spilled coffee in it about a month ago?

About a month ago, give or take some change, I was drinking coffee out of a red Solo cups, and for whatever reason, my apparently geniusness decided to put the cup on top of my Xbox. It spilled into the fan vent, I kinda panicked but since nothing really happened right away, I figured most of the liquid missed and hit the floor, well... More that what I thought got in there did just that. Long story short, I'm kinda stupid, took it apart, cleaned out the coffee with a rag (it had a lot of sugar, so I know that didn't help) and put it back together, which, in turn, made it worse. Now I'm lucky if I can even get it to load the initial Xbox screen. Sometimes I'll get all the way to my profile, then it'll shut itself off. Now I just use it as a charger box. Is there ANY way it might be salvageable, or is it the end for ol' sweet Chelsea? I also let it run WITH THE COFFEE IN IT, for about an hour, then it shut itself off. I still haven't put her back together completely, either. I still have hope, and I'd appreciate ANY help, even if it's just breaking bad news to me.

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does it show any signs of corrosion, if so use isopropyl alcohol stronger the better like 90 % range and a toothbrush and clean the corroded areas. where abouts are you located

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