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Repair guides and support for electric and gas powered high pressure sprayers, sometimes known as power washers.

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karcher pressure washer cycling

My pressure washer keeps cycling on and off while the trigger is pulled.

When trigger is released, the washer shuts off as normal, but when the trigger is pulled, the unit cycles on and off. Does anyone know what might cause this?

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usally its either not enough pressure or too much back pressure

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I purchased a gas Karcher 3200 pressure washer that done that out of the box. None of the suggestions they give will fix the issue. Its a fault of the mfg and we pay the price for their mistakes.

I paid more than 424.00 for mine and have tried to unsuccessfully use it 4 times and became so frustrated that I just quit.

I will have to purchase another pressure washer but you can rest assured that Karcher will never be considered again.


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