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The original Macintosh desktop computer, initially released as the "Apple Macintosh" in 1984.

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Does Anyone Know Where I Can get a Capacitor Replacement Kit

My old sources have dried up on finding these capacitor replacement kits. Does anyone know where I can get them or have them put together or a list of what I need to order from Mouser?

I also need a working 400k floppy drive.

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Are you looking to replace the power supply caps or the main board? Or both? Is it the cap kit that 8-Bit Guy offered?


Here's a list of list of high failure probability parts on the main board.



@arthurshi He doesn't confirm M128/512K compatibility on the parts he lists. It's only known to be compatible with the Plus.

The majority of 512K parts typically work on a 128K if you need to do it. It's similar to the 128k but with all of the traces present to add 512K of memory (the 128k was limited because Jobs had some of the traces cut since the 128k board IS 512k compatible).


I've learned something new today :)


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Block Image

  • 4.7uf 35V (X1) (located by the analog board connector)
  • 33uf 16V (X2)

You may need to substitute some obsolete caps on the analog board and you definitely need to find electrolytic matches for the tantalum caps. The tantalums are volatile and have a tendency to explode.

The floppy isn’t something I’d have any idea on where to find one - I have a suspicion that it’ll be a hard find since many 128k’s were retrofitted with the 512k/512ke motherboard and floppy :-(. That’s going to be a nightmare.

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The top capacitor is actually 4.7uf 35V


@ziggy90127 Which part relative to the wrong cap? I took a educated guess.

By the serial and SCSI port or analog board connection?


@nick 4.7uf 35V beside the analog board/power connector. p.s. No SCSI on the board pictured, but there is an externally floppy connector.


@ziggy90127 I've made the corrections needed.


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I bought some from here last week https://console5.com/store/cap-kits.html... they came very nicely packaged, will replace all of them on my mac

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Go to E-bay and search for capacitor set or capacitor kit and you will have several thousand to look at.

And most are priced very reasonable. If you do not want to buy from China, just check where they are from.

It is easy to buy something, a credit card thru Pay Pal.

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None of them cover specialty systems like a M128K correctly - you always need some odd ones on the side... If one even exists for a M128K that's not 100% custom.


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