Replaced keyboard, now battery is not charging

I succesfully replaced my keyboard (at second attempt - first eBay keyboard was half dead). Mac boots and all working EXCEPT the battery is no longer charging.

I’ve removed and reinstalled the logic board again in case a connection wasn’t fully made but its still not charging (have also checked with a second power cable in case that had just happened to fail at the same time. Really annoying as have taken great care of battery and was still in very good condition.

I’m guessing I’ve managed to damage a part or connection while i was doing the keyboard.

Any suggestions on what I should check or change next?

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Lets get a better view of the battery and the charging logic. Install this gem of an app! CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the main window and post it here for us to see Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


how does that help? The battery has had about 350 charge cycles and was not problematic before I replaced the keyboard.


Then take the time to review the other answers here with similar issue. You'll see just like a doctor uses a stethoscope to hear your heart we use tools to see things beyond the Black and White of the battery's charge cycles.

How about humoring me and spend the few minutes it takes to do it. Maybe we can tell you whats happening. We might need to do more diagnostics so don't think its that simple either.


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