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13" Aluminium Unibody, 2,0 oder 2,4 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor.

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My screen is loose. Any easy fix?

My screen is loose and has some wiggle room in it. I assume this is just a problem with tightening a couple of screws. Has anybody else had this problem or know of a way to fix it? I just want some advice before i open my laptop all willy nilly and put my screen on upside down or something lol

Thank you

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Is the screen loose or the hinges on the display loose?


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If it is wiggling back and forth in a direction perpendicular to the display (forward and backward with the display open), then you may be able to fix it by tightening some hidden screws.

Sadly, there appears to be no pictures in the guide here, and I don't have that model to show you myself.

Once you remove the display assembly, you just need to remove the clutch barrel (the black plastic piece covering the center bottom portion of the display. It slides to the right with some moderate force, then pulls off (pulling perpendicular to the display). If you look at the display from the bottom, you should see two screws on each hinge holding them in place, you just need to tighten the ones that are loose. You may want to temporarily reattach the display to the body while the clutch barrel is still off, just to make sure everything is lined up properly before tightening the screws.

Then just put back the clutch barrel, carefully routing the cables back through and sliding it back into place.

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Check if the hinges are either bent, or loose from the chassis side first. If you see the screws are loose, then see how tightening them helps. If that does not help, then you are dealing with the hinges being loose inside the LCD assembly, or failed hinges. At this point, you will need to open the LCD to service the problem. This guide will cover all of the points I mentioned here on the inspection of the computer.

If your hinges are damaged in a way they are bent or worn out, you are going to have to replace the hinges. You can find a set on eBay for this computer here for the computer. Replacement of the whole assembly is no longer required. Just make sure they are new.

If you are really unlucky, the screw holes on the Unibody stripped.

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Nick, those hinges can be obtained on eBay. I've repaired this issue before.


Oh, okay. At the time I wrote this you had to do the whole thing. I guess the times have changed to the point this is no longer a replace the assembly issue. I'll have to look into that, and see how cheap a new set can be bought for. Credit goes to Mayer, for leading me in the right direction on this issue.


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Oh man I had the same problem. Figured it was just a couple screws that went loose but I wanted to be sire and took it to the apple store. Turns out it was two screws that are visible by just taking the metal plate off. Just make sure all the screws are tight and it should be fixed. :)

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Did they tighten the screws for you?


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