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An audio storage device that uses magnetic tape to record and play back audio input.

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What size belts does this use? (Sears 560.21674350)

I picked this up on eBay to have a descent small tape deck (I am aware it isn’t audiophile grade, but a lot of these older dictation decks are far better then the modern Type I record only ones) and I already know the belts will probably be trashed based on how old the unit is.

The thing is I do not know how big of a belt I need to get the unit going with fresh belts so I do not need to worry about the 25+ year old belts going bad. Does anyone know if this uses a common belt I can get in a set or do I need to look for a specific belt listing? Being a Sears deck (the capstan length looks right to me so it’s not one of the nonstandard ones they rigged. Being computer compatible also helps.) I suspect it’s a pretty standard spec belt I can get cheaply.

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I don’t have a listing for that model number in my cross reference. Since this is a small dictation device, I would suspect that the belt will be in the range of a PRB type SCX3.5 to SCX4.0 . You may need to open this unit up to measure the belt. These belts should be available from MCM-One and other suppliers. Expect to pay between $1 and $3 for the belt.


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I'm suspecting it's one of those belts you can get in a 50-60 pack of belts since it's not a custom one like the dual Walkmans which use a nonstadard belt.

It's a weird dictation player for sure. Good enough for Tandy/Apple II/Atari computers but also dictation grade. Even being a non Dolby NR deck, it's probably way better then the modern dictation recorders which can't even do Type II recording.


Yep. As I suspected belts are needed. Audible wow and flutter and the motor slows down.

They also move around a lot and aren't stable.


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  • 65.2 mm (counter belt)
    • 0.7mm
  • 81.9 mm (motor)
    • 1.5mm

Add these to your belt list @abrsvc. It doesn’t include a 3rd belt as it runs fine (and major disassembly is needed) but those are the major ones. I need to take the flywheel off to get it or major surgery.

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