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Released 2014, October; Android 0S, v4.4.4, up to v5.1; 32/64GB storage and exclusive to Verizon Wireless.

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My phone keeps shutting off even if the battery percentage shows 55 %

Why would my phone keep shutting off even when battery is at 55%? No water damage etc…

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@kiser32 your battery could be lying. Not uncommon to have the battery report a certain percentage but then crump. Start by replacing the battery with a new one and then re-evaluate. If nothing else it will give you a know-well place to start further troubleshooting if necessary. Motorola Droid Turbo Akku Austausch

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If you have a Mac, you can use a great free program, Coconut Battery, to get a much better look at the condition of your battery.


@arbaman knows the name of the program for PCs to do the same.

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Sure thing if it was an iPhone, I'm quite lost when it comes to Android though :)


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