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Display data cable cleaning?

Hi guys!

I recently bought a non-working Macbook unibody 2.0 GHZ A1278. When i opened up the back it looks like i minor liquid spill right about the magsafe board is. I am about to order a completely new logic board and DC-IN board to try and fix the problem (the macbook doesn't boot up at all).

It seems that the connector for the display data cable and the very end of that same cable has also been affected by the liquid. The connector and cable have no errosion or anything but they seem a bit "dirty". The connector (where the cable connects to the logicboard) will of course be a new one when my logic board arrives but my question is: how do i best clean the connectors of the display data cable?

Should i use alchohol or some sort of mixture? I have seen that the display data cable can be bought separetly but is it simple to replace?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Best regard

Olof from Sweden

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Here's what we recommend for liquid damage repair: Electronics Water Damage

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Thank you so much!

How about the lvds cable? Is it hard to replace if all else fail.

Best regards


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Lvds cables with different width and timely replacement must be exactly the same principleBut if you do not replace it. Can by a small brush and a little alcohol mixed with "tinner "wash carefully and give its edges with a dry cloth(tinner) is "paint solver" buy tool shop .

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