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Repair guides and support for videocassette recorders including Betamax and VHS (Video Home System) players.

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VCR not functionally normally.

I have a Samsung DVD-V2000 DVD/VCR Combo. Lately ,when I plug it in, it makes a buzzing sound and the green power light flickers. Also, nothing comes up on the LCD, no mechanical sounds, and it just doesn’t start up the way it normally would. I would really like to know what could be causing these issues and how can they be fixed.

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Vaughn Gracey this “it makes a buzzing sound and the green power light flickers “ makes me think you’d be looking at a power supply issue. You will have to start disassembling your device and use a multimeter to check out the power supply. Post some good pictures of your boards etc. so we can see what you see and hopefully can help you out further. Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

Check something like the no power situation and see if it gets you near the components you want to check out

Block Image

Here is how to disassemble it Samsung DVD V2000 Disassemble

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