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Repair and disassembly guides for Dell printers.

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Dell E525W not recognizing (non Dell) toner and grinding gear problems


We’re having issues with our Dell E525W toner cartridges. It’s been working fine with the non-dell toners for over a year now. All of a sudden, upon startup, the printer has been making a horrible noise of gears grinding from the area where the toner cartridges live. The printer seems to try around 5-10 times (grinding gear noise) over a minute or so and then gives up with an error.

After a few rounds of this, it told me the Yellow toner was low. With a new non-Dell toner cartridge, we are having the same problem: Horrible noise and a 093-919 error to “Check Yellow Cartridge.”

It seems possible this could be an issue with the way the toner cartridge is (or isn’t) seating in the printer. However, no matter how much I try to adjust or firmly seat the toner cartridge, it hasn’t changed.

I’ve updated the firmware to the latest I’ve found through the Dell site (01. 04. 12. 10. 3836) with no changes. Dell will attempt to help for the low price of $59, but I’d like to see if I can do something myself.

Anyone able to help? Thanks in advance.

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Forgot to mention, I also cleaned out the holes behind the toner cartridges with the "cleaning rod" listed on the Dell support page


I have the same problem, please let me know if you know how to fix it. Thanks


Sorry, I gave up. Got a hand me down (Brother) and donated this one to what will likely be a scrap heap.


I am now having the same trouble; can't afford to buy OEM ink cartridges @ $250.00 from Dell!


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You should have never updated the firmware - the printer you have is a rebranded Lexmark! Lexmark and Epson are notorious for blocking 3rd party supplies - BAD MOVE ON YOUR PART! Their rebadged Brothers aren't prone to it like the Lexmark models.

Your best bet is to downgrade the firmware if you can find an old version online with a matching checksum and see if it works. I know with the 3rd party FW bombed Epsons you can sometimes find old firmware and how to get into recovery mode on the control panel, so it’s worth a shot to try the firmware before you re-chip the yellow toner.

If it doesn’t (which it likely won’t since Lexmark blocks downgades), then you will need to do it in service mode and potentially need a recovery specific firmware file. It may be possible to re-chip the yellow cart as well, as another potential workaround. Dell will not help you with this, but you’ll need to see if Dell did anything weird with the chip like change the manufacturer hex code to Dell from Lexmark (chip swap prevention). If it’s anything like the 90’s Apple printers (rebadged HP or Canon), all Dell did was change the cartridge part number. If it comes to the point a re-chip is required, subtract your current usage (Ex: new chip will report 100%. If you’ve used 20%, assume 80% and watch the print quality).

Dell is in the computer business; they sell printers because of companies who want their printer from the company they buy their computers from and extra revenue. The R&D doesn't make sense for them, so they contract it out to Lexmark or Brother - the chassis and toner style gives you a clue. This works well for us, but also puts us at an disadvantage on these Lexmarks since Dell inherits their 3rd party supply FW blocks by default even if it doesn’t bother them as much, if at all.


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Thanks, too bad I didn't get here sooner. I'll continue my search and see what I can scrounge up.


@mrerik Epson and Lexmark call them "security updates". It's only securing their revenue stream.

I GENUINELY DOUBT Dell cares about 3rd party supplies until warranty is involved. They're like Brother with multiple revenue streams.


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Have you told dell you’ve been using unofficial cartridges? If so, I suggest you take the deal.

Printers are made to break down if fed any toner/ink that does not come from the manufacturer.

Since your model comes at a relatively high price, 60 $ is your best bet.

If you try to do it yourself you will need that amount minimum for spare parts+a big chunk off your free time.

It’s just not worth it.

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To clarify, the $60 is only to get them to start the “helping” process. Any parts and time/labor will surely add on to that price.

I believe we paid $140 for it on sale. It’s lasted us around three years up to now. I can’t get myself to pay the $200+ for a set of the Official Dell toner cartridges. They’re aware I’ve been using the knockoff toner.

That being said, I’m with you on the not worth it part. I was just hoping the fine folks here might be willing to save me a couple bucks by helping me get this working for a bit longer. I’d hate to give up and get roped into the game of buying a “disposable” product. Isn’t that why this site exists? To be able to fix this junk and get it to live a decent life?


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