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Der Razer Kishi, ein universeller Mobile Gaming-Controller, der für die meisten Smartphone-Geräte passt, wurde so konzipiert, dass er dir beim Mobile Gaming die gleiche Kontrolle wie bei einer Konsole bietet. Er kam im Juni 2020 auf den Markt.

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What is the ribbon cable pin count?

I want to hack this controller for a 8 inch wide tablet, but the existing ribbon cable assures I cannot do it stock. The rubber flex back strap and spring combo (versus telescoping hard plastic) gives me hope that if I get a longer ribbon cable, I could also fashion a longer strap. I can't tell from the photos of it's a 14 or 15 pin. Also, what is the current length of the ribbon cable so I can figure out the size I will need for my tablet? Please inform. Thanks!

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Hi Jacob, I disassembled the Kishi again and counted. There are 14 pins and the pitch is 0.5 mm. Here is closeup for you.

Block Image

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Based on this close-up, it looks like 14 pins: https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/ig...

Unsure what the pitch is, though. I’m considering attempting the same mod myself.

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