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Tech writer and Photographer at iFixit

I’m Adriana–a working student on the iFixit Europe content team since late 2019. Around here, I’m mostly taking devices apart and writing guides for you and everyone who wants to enjoy the repair revolution.


I graduated in 2020 from Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart with a bachelor’s degree in Media Publishing. Currently, I’m doing my master's degree in Cross-media Publishing & Management. My studies focus on supporting digital conversion processes in publishing houses, in-depth knowledge of publishing processes, the legal framework of the media industry, and an understanding of changing media usage.


Before I started to work at iFixit, I hardly repaired any electronic devices. Especially not smartphones. I was a complete novice. Since then, I have earned the confidence to do almost any repair and believe that anyone can do it. The experience I gained at iFixit helps me especially when something breaks at home or my friends need help with a repair.

Favorite Fixes

My favorite repair was fixing my personal MacBook that I bought for my studies. A giant picture (depicting the actual size of Michael Jordan's arm span) fell off the wall directly onto my laptop and ruined my display. Obviously, the world was crashing down on me (because my last backup was way too long ago, shame on me). After replacing the display, the busy bee works just as reliably as before, and now I make regular backups.

For me, every successful repair is a win, no matter how complicated or simple it is. The feeling of getting a broken device running again is fantastic.

More About Me

In my spare time, I love to go hiking, play table tennis, do DIY-Projects, ride my bike, and hang around with my two cats Kalle and Gilli.

I love to visit flea markets and secondhand stores. I'm happy to find small treasures and give them a new home. In 2019 I made a self-experiment buying exclusively secondhand clothes for the entire year.

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