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Die Neuauflage von Apples iPad Air Tablet vom März 2019, das mit dem A12 Bionic Prozessor und dem 10,5" Display antritt.

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Can just the glass be replaced?

My LCD is intact and just the glass is broken. Can the glass be replaced and how difficult is it to do if so? I’ve replaced screens and batteries in iphones before.

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Air 3 has laminated/fused LCD and digitizer, tools needed to separate and rebond them are not cheap, it’s more economical to buy the screen assembly from a reputable vendor like MobileSentrix/iFixit/InjuredGadgets etc.

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hello Blake,

air3 has integrated matrix, touch level and glass. Cost is circa 130$ if you can change it yourself. You will need a adhesive gasket (3-4$). That is all. Cost in repair shops is about 200-250$. It is not more difficult than replacing the iPhone, but due to the size it is time consuming.

I hope that I helped, regards,

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The screen is laminated with the display unlike on the entry level iPads with a separate digitizer (glass). If you do a DIY repair you should order a new screen. Unless you a special heating pad and a screen that some repair shops have, you can do a glass only repair. However it is not worth it because it is very difficult and will take several hours also you can break the display to.

Best regards, Drew

iPad Air 3 Screen

iPad Air 3 Screen Bild


iPad Air 3 Screen


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It is possible but extremely hard to do so what I would do is get the screen off it carefully the find someone who will buy it from you as there are thousands of people who will buy and refurbish those screens ,once you have done that I would put the money from it towards getting a new screen to reinstall and start enjoying your iPad again!

Hopefully I answered your question

If you have any more questions please


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