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Veröffentlicht am 22. September 2017. Modele A1863, A1905. Verfügbar als GSM oder CDMA / 64 GB oder 256 GB / Gold, Silber und Space Grau.

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Can I swap iPhone 8 housing to 8plus?

Have a broken iphone 8 don't want to spend money on parts if I don't have to …I also have an iphone 8 plus with thats locked, could these be swapped to have a functioning iphone

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Without some extreme modification, it would not be possible, the board as made for each phone size. Best simply replace the bad part. You may be able to take you bricked iphone 8 plus to a repair store and trade for the replacement piece

Take a look

iPhone 8 : iPhone 8 Teardown

iPhone 8 Plus: iPhone 8 Plus Teardown

iPhone 8 Bild


iPhone 8 Teardown



iPhone 8 Plus Bild


iPhone 8 Plus Teardown



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