Did my SSD fail?

I’ve been trying to open my MacBook but it only shows up with a folder that has a question mark. I tried opening disk utility and checked terminal but the SSD or any information from it is not showing up at all. Is it possible that it just failed and would I have to get a new one? Also, would that mean that my data is gone?

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What is your SSD solution you have installed? Is it the original SSD or something else?


@danj I didn’t change the SSD so it’s the original SSD.


@ab18 - One more thing! Pop off the bottom cover and take a picture of the SSD label so I can read it Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

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@danj sadly, I’ve been trying to open it but don’t think we could open it with our tools, but could I know what are the possible reasons for this? It was kind of slow when we’d start it up but it was running fine the last time and it suddenly just became unworkable—


@ab18 - I would be guessing! Diagnostics is a process.


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