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Repair guides and support for electric and gas powered high pressure sprayers, sometimes known as power washers.

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Name this part: Craftsman electric pressure washer model 99016

Massive water leak and loss of pressure on Craftsman electric pressure washer model 99016. Teardown revealed a break in this water line component (should be one piece instead of two), measures about 3” x 4”. Unable to find a parts diagram for the internal workings; the diagram in the manual only contains external components like nozzles and detergent tanks. Purchased the unit on 6/8/2017 prior to the closure of our local Sears, not that long ago in my opinion, yet Sears Parts Direct cannot locate this model number. Without knowing the part number or even what to call it, our conversation went nowhere. Somewhere in the world there is box of these parts sitting on a shelf. Please help me find them!

In the event my search is futile, any advice on a workaround? JB Weld is the only trick on my mind at the moment.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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What was it connected to?


The threaded end connects to the wand hose. The broken end connects to the pump.


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Can't find anything about this particular part or even this washer. Highly recommend against jb weld. Especially on a high pressure part. I would advise checking with local machinist/welders and see if it can be repaired that way. Will handle the pressure better.

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