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Phone drop in water, after dry it become hot

Hi, I done a quite stupid $@$* to wash my s10 using water. i’ve done it a lot of times i thought it was ok (apparently it’s not). And after wash i just place it on table and don’t bother it. After like few hours, I go on and use the phone. I realize my sim card is not working and I just take it out and realize the whole sim card tray is wet. I know I F up and shut down the phone. After waiting for it to dry, I open up the phone again and it was working but the top left part of the phone is really hot. Is this a battery issue or my circuit board is F?

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First off, put the bag of rice back in the cabinet; it does absolutely nothing. What you need to do is take the phone apart and clean up the motherboard with an ultrasonic cleaner with appropriate cleaning fluid (99% IPA works, but it’s better to use an ultrasonic cleaner when possible). In addition, you need to remove the RF shields if they aren’t soldered to ensure you get as much of the board cleaned as you can.

In addition to that, replace the battery as well. The guides to disassemble it can be found here. You can also read this Wiki for additional steps.

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Thanks for a better answer I thought rice would work from what I been told sorry for a bad answer thanks for the correct way to do it


@james323 No worries - rice is a tired myth that doesn't go away so it understandably gets old when someone mentions it when it's been debunked to death.


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