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Mobilversion von Apples iPad Air der 2. Generation. Modellnummer A1567

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Where is the battery replacement guide?

I just received the replacement battery for my iPad Air 2 LTE model A1567, and don’t see a battery replacement guide. This is somewhat worrisome. Am I missing the location of the guide, or should I use the guide for a different model?

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Thanks! That is the guide that I found, and the one I’ll use for the repair. However, I won’t know how applicable the WiFi-only repair guide is to the LTE model until I crack the case (pardon the expression). I’ll look at the YouTube videos first of course, and I’ll post any differences I find. I was just a bit surprised not to find a guide specific to this model iPad. Again, thanks for the input!


@bgklenk Hey, I was wondering why there was not a reply - you have replied to your own question not to my answer - lol.

Any way, You shouldn't worry because What you oredered is for an iPad; so the battery compatible regardless of the communication ways.

Yes, you are good to follow the other guide.

Also accept my solution(which you will get reputation, not me :) - it won't make me happy - but your question will be marked "Ok" which is a feel good thing and good for the system!!!

I have notified iFixit to send a message for guys who buy an battery to include the guide to follow and say ot to worry about thing which not affects the part replacement(here, LTE or WiFi).

I love helping people :)


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I am surprised that htere is no guide!!! Ifixit always make guides for all things apple top priority.

But there is an guide for the WiFi version(seriosly, is LTE and WiFi models’ battery compartment different?) here: iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Akku austauschen

Someone should repost this guide or add a link of this to the LTE version’s page. If you want it done post at meta.ifixit.com .

Some videos on youtube:

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