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Das im November 2020 erschienene 13" MacBook Air verfügt über Apples Arm-basierten M1-SoC mit einer 8-Kern-CPU und bis zu einer 8-Kern-GPU. (Modell A2337 / EMC 3598 mit zwei Thunderbolt 3-Anschlüssen)

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Black edge on screen

Block Image

Block Image

I have a 13” MacBook Air (A2337). M1 system

Appeared on screen black edge, part of screen not visible. How can i fix it ?

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Can you take a picture using your iPhone so we can see the damage Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


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It looks like you have in fact two display issues the vertical line along the edge and the cross-hatch across the full display. Both of these issues is related to the display assembly. The first is what we call a TAB error which is when the glass LCD panel and the ribbon cable is bonded to it to carry the signals from the T-CON board to the LCD panel.

Block Image

The second issue is a likely a noise issue within the T-CON

Given the age of your system I would see if Apple will cover it under an extended warranty as long as you hadn’t created the issue (something heavy sat on the system and/or liquid spill). Otherwise its an expensive repair as the full display would need to be replaced MacBook Air 13" (A2337, Late 2020) Display Assembly and here’s the guide MacBook Air 13" (Ende 2020) Display tauschen

MacBook Air 13" (A2337, Late 2020) Display Assembly Bild


MacBook Air 13" (A2337, Late 2020) Display Assembly


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