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Das Pixel der dritten Generation wurde von Google im Oktober 2018 veröffentlicht.

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Green lines after battery replacement

I just completed iFixit’s Google Pixel 3 Akku austauschen guide. Upon powering my phone back on, I was greeted by the sight of beautiful green vertical lines.

Block Image

I was wondering where I might have messed up; do any of the steps shown in the aforementionned guide present a risk to the display if done by a poorly skilled technician such as myself?

I ended up using some 99% isopropyl alcohol to loosen the pull tabs on the old battery. Could an excess of that be responsible for my current problem?

Update (03/30/2022)

The problem “evaporated” on it’s own. I guess it was the alcohol, after all…

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FYI, I had the same thing happen, though my lines were on the left side of the screen. I too used isopropyl alcohol to get the battery out. My lines also disappeared - only took a few hours.

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Im having the same problem with the green lines, I will update if it goes away or not.

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2 hours later its now a single line, disappeared for a few minutes tho.


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A good reminder to allow things to fully dry out before drawing any conclusions. Why do I know? I've had the same thing happen with other devices. LOL.

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My pixel 3 had the same problem too after I changed it's battery.

I didn't use isopropyl alcohol, but alcohol. I don't know if it's the reason of the green lines, but I think maybe it's because I accidently pulled the display connector out when I tried to pry the battery out from the right edge which should be from the left edge only according to the guide, and although I've pushed the connector back after that, it's loosened.

Block Image

(the part in the red frame is the display connector)

So I removed the wireless charging coil again and pushed the display connector for many times carefully, especially on the right side and then the green lines disappeared.

Hope this experience helpful.

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