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Why is my mixer hot and leaking oil?

My mixer is leaking oil from under / behind the logo band ( has kitchenaid ,classical the speeds on it. How can I get an actual manual for this thing đŸ˜« I'm so frustrated with this!!

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@mamaone your mixer is a KitchenAid Classic Mixer K45SSWH?


Yes it is old turkey 03


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Sounds like a blown gasket. Here's how to replace it:

KitchenAid Classic Mixer K45SS(E)WH Dichtung Austausch

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@mamaone there are a few that I have in my collection and I assume you are looking for the service manual. See if these are helpful to you KitchenAid K45 SS Tech GuideKitchenAid K45SS K5XXKitchenAid K45SS And More

Like @mayer said probably a bad gasket or to much grease with nowhere to go

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