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Repair guides and support for Nvidia's standalone gaming controller released on January 16, 2017.

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How to get the battery out of its place

I'm having trouble getting battery out of its enclosure. From what I understend there is adhesive underneath but I'm a bit afraid to force it as I'm afraid enclosure would break.

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What is your model number?


I think it's second generation. I went to this stage of the process: https://youtu.be/z38BwvIkHSw?t=153


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Yes you have to be careful with those enclosures. It always looks simple on YouTube vids.

 I have used isopropyl alcohol on similar devices with the battery packs having adhesive on them and the batteries usually come out without a problem.

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no u don't have to worried to much let me guild u with more info that will help

Nvidia Shield Controller Teardown - iFixit

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The link doesn't cover removing batteries from enclosure.


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