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Controller der Sony PlayStation 5 Modellnummer CFI-ZCT1W.

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L2 Button constant on even if not pushed


i changed the two rings around the L3 button which caused stick drift , after getting all stuff together my L2 Button is like always enabled even if im not pushing it at all. How can i fix this ? Thanks

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Try taking the controller apart again and then push the L2 button then release. If that doesn't work ,try replacing the trigger button. Hope this helps!


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tested some stuff and the L2 is even activated after i removed the left L1 and L2 unit from motherboard. So its something with the board i assume.


@Toni Montana Seems that way. All right. I don't know if I can help you in any other way. Sorry.


its a problem with the blue flat cable that connects the unit to the main board… try straightening the metals at the tip… worked for me


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