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Modell von 2011, A1278 / 2,4 GHz i5 oder 2.8 GHz i7 Prozessor.

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Keyboard and trackpad do not work

The keyboard stopped working due to use and I replaced it with a new one. Then the keyboard and trackpad stopped working. But it works with external keyboard and mouse.

Then I installed the operating system Windows 8 and Windows 10. On the Macbook and there the keyboard and trackpad works normally.

Additional information

-> Before changing the keyboard, the battery lasted 10 minutes.

Update (11/24/2022)

Block Image

Block Image

Update (11/28/2022)

I was thinking of just buying a new battery but any idea why my keyboard and trackpad are not working?

When I turn on the MacBook and press "Command (⌘)+ R" to boot from the macOS built-in recovery system, the keyboard does work

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Well your battery is in trouble! What could be happening is the battery has swelled so it’s pressing on the keyboard messing it up.

So why does the internal keyboard still work when during boot-up? As I tried to explain why MS Windows works, yet macOS once booted up fails. This gets into the driver load. When you boot-up you are using the systems firmware keyboard driver which like MS Windows uses the USB driver directly into the PCH, but once the macOS is loaded the OS driver is then used which uses the SPI interface into the PCH.

So why did Apple use the SPI interface? This gets into the different languages the keyboard supports concurrently! As an example I have US as my primary and I have Japanese keyboards as well so I can jump between them.

Anyways… here’s the needed part MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Mid 2009-Mid 2012) Battery and the guide MacBook Pro (13 Zoll, Ende 2011, Unibody) Akku tauschen


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You’ve got a bit of an onion problem! Let’s see if we can unwind some of the layers so we can discover what’s needed.

MS Windows accesses the internal USB ports differently than the external USB ports. Basically, Apple uses an internal USB hub for both the keyboard and trackpad independent from the external ports. So while you replaced the keyboard there might be an additional issue here as Apple’s Internal keyboard and trackpad uses the SPI interface into the PCH chip. As the external USB ports use a different USB hub and connect directly to the PCH chip it can confuse things. Either you got the wrong keyboard from what your system is expecting or there is a circuitry issue within the logic board.

It also sounds like you have a battery issue as well as 10 minutes is not very long when I can get easily a two to three hours on my system.

Let’s get back to macOS and then install this app CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the apps main window and paste it here for us to see.

Using the external keyboard and mouse open up About This Mac and open up System Report, now slide down to USB section you should see under USB 2.0 Bus Hub and the Keyboard/Trackpad entry. Click on it and tack a snapshot of the lower panels info and post it here for us to see as well.

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Teclado/Trackpad interno de Apple:

ID del producto: 0x0253

ID del fabricante: 0x05ac (Apple Inc.)

Versión: 1.18

Velocidad: Hasta 12 Mb/s

Fabricante: Apple Inc.

ID de la ubicación: 0xfa120000 / 4

Corriente disponible (mA): 500

Corriente necesaria (mA): 40

Corriente operativa adicional (mA): 0

Integrado: Sí


Current Change: 1154 mAh

Full Charge Capacity: 2885 mAh

40,1 %

Design Capacity: 5770 mAh


Manufacture date: 2015-08-11

Cycle Count: 43

macOS Battery status: Good

Battery temperature: 27.3 ºC

Charging with: 2.85 Watts

Power adapter: Connected


@darienco_3 - What is your macOS? The version is a bit old. As an example my 15” has 2,19 under Catalina where you have 1.18

It looks like you also need a new battery as well.


13” late 2011 has 1,18 under high sierra. Model: MacBook Pro 8.1

I was thinking of just buying a new battery but any idea why my keyboard and trackpad are not working?

When I turn on the MacBook and press "Command (⌘)+ R" to boot from the macOS built-in recovery system, the keyboard does work


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If your keyboard or trackpad issues have just started, it's possible that a recent change in software or settings has caused the problem. To fix it, just roll back your Mac a few saved backups: Restart your Mac. While the system is rebooting, open the Recovery Tool by pressing Command + R.



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Sadly that won’t change the NVRAM settings which what is needed here if the settings was the issue. You need to use these startup keys Option-Command-P-R


> Reset NVRAM on your Mac

> Mac startup key combinations


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It's fine. I have a question, the MacBook came with an English keyboard, but since it got damaged, I bought a Spanish keyboard, does it have something to do with the keyboard and trackpad not working?

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Aaron - The keyboards are not interchangeable as the physical keys are different between the US and Spanish keyboards. The ISO keyboards are the same so if you got an UK or Irish English then the Spanish would physically fit.

Even still we have a which comes first problem! As the driver is not for your Spanish keyboard so you need to use either a USB wired or BT wireless keyboard to setup your new internal keyboard as you are changing from one keyboard type to another.


The Spanish keyboard physically fits (it was a British "iso" keyboard before). I used a USB keyboard and mouse (classic windows keyboard) to be able to enter macOS. But from there I don't know how to configure the Macbook keyboard to work, I formatted it and it still doesn't recognise it, (only to boot the OS the Macbook keyboard works) but then it doesn't work anymore.

Could the problem be the battery or the keyboard drivers or both?

Thanks for the answer


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