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The sedan version of the compact Toyota known as the Echo, Yaris, or Platz depending on the market. The hatchback version of the Echo/Yaris is known as the Toyota Vitz.

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Engine oil is disappear

After i drive my echo for 3800Km . Engine oil arrive to the down point! What is the problem? For your information, I fixed the leak places.

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@abdulllahal1352 if it is not leaking, it is possible that your engine is burning it. Pull the spark plugs and check to see what their "faces" look like.

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After that I would recommend a compression test, as well as a leak-down test, and see what the overall condition of the engine is. Let us know what you find out.

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A lot of Toyota engines with this problem pass every other test, honestly. Still yeah if I noticed it on one of these problematic engines I'd at least check so I know if it's "throw a bottle of oil in the trunk" bad or engine rebuild bad.

Every time you see this, it's usually a high mileage burner engine. But on the other hand, the fact the engines keep working shows why it's a non-concern :-). If someone cut me a deal and just told me the engine burns oil but it has 180k miles, it's a Toyota. Meh, especially on the ones which were made in Japan. It's just been well used.


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Toyota had a few issues with oil consumption during this era which got fixed in 2007/8, the main known one with known issues being the 2AZ-FE (2.4L i4). It's known to get worse as the mileage builds up worse than it does on engines that lack it as a "known problem" as well, so it's expected on them as they get to be very high mileage cars. However, changing the PCV valve can sometimes fix this as well or at least reduce the "burn rate" if you want to try for $5-10. I'd try it if it was bad enough myself for that little. However, I tell people looking at these to EXPECT them to burn some oil if it's not from 2009 or up, or has a problem engine like the 2AZ-FE. 2009+ is generally safe, but can still burn a bit when they get to the point the odometer puts off casual buyers. 2008 can be fine, but beware of the bad engines.

The 1.5L Echo engines likely are prone to it too, like the 2AZ-FE is known for. It doesn't mean you have to junk the car, but you will need to do more frequent oil changes and change the spark plugs a little more often (ex: if you do 5k mile changes, go to 3k, 4k if you miss it max; change the spark plugs every 70,000 miles vs every 100,000). I would be fine with one of these "oil burner" Toyotas as an A-to-B beater car, even with this problem, because while they burn oil they will still run for years without giving you a problem. Even when they have issues like the 2002-2006 Camry (VX30), they still regularly build up 200-300k+ trouble-free miles where the owners just keep running them. Keep a quart of oil in the trunk and top it off as needed, as well as what you would normally buy during an oil change. Just to make sure you know what gets used, you may want to do your own oil changes so you don't have to play the oil brand lottery where the shop uses something like Penzoil but you use Mobil 1.
Some people even have 400k+ on these "oil consumption" era engines, if that gives you an idea of how little it matters. However, while I wouldn't be put off by it (or even high mileage) I would expect the price to reflect the problem and miles they have (I have seen them with 180k still running). Higher miles on a Toyota would not scare me off, especially if it's a 2007+ where it likely burns a little oil with how many have high mileage, but not to the degree the infamous engines burn.

The failure mode on these engines is the piston rings. It can be repaired with new rings, but you might as well rebuild the engine at that point since it requires full disassembly.

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I totally agree with you as an Automobile technician when you say that One might as well rebuild the engine at that point since it requires full disassembly

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